(stars of The New World & Apocalypto)

at premiere of Angels with AnglesThe film, Angels With Angles had three Angels peeking down from their Heavenly perch at the world premiere: George Burns, who is portrayed in the film by the late Frank Gorshin, and the recently departed Rodney Dangerfield, whose portrayal of God may award him some of the respect he was always trying to gain! We bet these three comedians are busy swapping one liners in Heaven. This zany fantasy comedy was written, produced and directed by Scott Edmund Lane, who also stars as Shoomie Shoomer, a slob whose name well defines his character.

Gorshin, a master impressionist, is amazing as George Burns. Did you know he performed the show on Broadway 364 times, and captured a Tony Nomination?

There was an array of stars of all ages at the premiere, from octogenarian Soupy Sales to the young American Indian couple Rulan Tangen and Kalani Queypo, who joined us for matzo balls and knishes later at Cantors Deli.

with Pietra Thornton at premiere of

his movie Angels with AnglesRulan, who is a dedicated dance artist jetted in from Mexico, where she is performing in Mel Gibson’s new film, Apocalypto. The gorgeous young ballerina and Queypo both appear in The New World, the major motion picture starring Colin Farrell and Christian Bale.

Speaking of Cantor’s, they are included in Sheryll Bellman’s new tome, America’s Great Delis, and rightfully so. At any given time you may catch Mel Brooks, Bill Cosby, David Brenner or even Nicolas Cage gobbling down a corn beef sandwich. What a prefect venue for Angels with Angles after party.

at Holiday SoireeOne of the most enjoyable holiday parties we attended was hosted by Liz and Larry Flynt in the Crystal Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We were pleased to be seated with our good friend, Grace Robbins (widow of famed writer Harold) whose novels sold more books than the Bible! Grace told me that Flynt, and his then wife, Althea, used to visit them at their villa in Cannes. Her daughter, Adreana, is now a novelist herself, and has released her first book, Paris Never Leaves You.

To add to the festivities, a few days later, we attended Grace’s wedding to handsome Paul Barnes aboard a Carnival Cruise to Acapulco. Barnes invited his entire family and Grace’s daughter and hubby to join them on their Honeymoon Cruise. So sorry we had to disembark after the ceremony! Best wishes to Grace, Paul and all of you, my dear readers. Let’s hope that 2006 will be a heavenly year for everyone on the Hollywood Beat.