Being an Entertainment/Society Reporter we have covered every type of event - from back yard bar-b-ques (on the Westside, of course) to elegant evenings at the Opera. However, we attended the "Mother of all Parties" when Bernardo Puccio and Orin Kennedy invited us to the Red Carpet Premiere of their Personal Documentary and Dedication of their Monument at Hollywood Forever.

Movie PictureBernardo Puccio & Orin Kennedy at dedication of Monument at Hollywood Forever CemeteryBernardo, who is a popular interior designer, and Orin Kennedy, who was locations manager for such TV shows as LA Law, celebrated their many years of commitment to each other, by creating a classic Grecian marble monument near a serene lake in the illustrious cemetery. The documentary entitled An Ordinary Couple follows their individual journeys from Brooklyn (Kennedy) and Birmingham (Puccio) to their chance meeting in West Hollywood, and their 30 years of life's trials and special moments.

Many of their Westside clients and socialites were on hand sipping champagne and hors d' oeuvres including Joyce and Stanley Black, Marvin and Madeline Gussman and beautiful blonde Ila Waldman with her new beau, Len Krane, from Bel Air. The inscription on the monument reads: "We wanted people to know we once lived, loved and walked this earth with pride." A noble thought for two noble gentlemen...

Movie PictureAlfre Woodward (Desperate Housewives) with Deborah Constance, Founder of A Place Called Home Lots of Girl Power at the Women of Achievement Awards Luncheon to benefit A Place Called Home- a dynamic youth center in South L.A,. that provides at-risk youth with a secure, positive, family environment. Their aim is to stop the viscous cycle of girl gang activity and violence, and to teach them skills to lead a productive lifestyle.
Movie PictureGirls in the Hood Awardees: Taraji Henson, Shannon Elizabeth, Sanaa Hamri & Delphine Mann Among the awardees was actress {5} (That 70's Show), {6} (Director of Music Videos for such artists as Prince, Destiny's Child and Mariah Carey). Actress {7}. (Hustle & Flow), and luxury realtor {8}. When {9} presented the award to Delphine, she had her own cheering section, as the girls called out for her to imitate her character from Freaky Friday.

Several of the girls from A Place Called Home performed dance numbers, choreographed by Monica Guy, sister of Jasmine Guy, who co-chaired the luncheon. Kudos to all concerned who inspire young girls to embrace their potential, and direct their lives in a positive and rewarding direction.

Movie PictureLou Ferrigno, who will star in his own sit-com, The Only Man I Love, Tucker Brown Hot Off the Press News: Proving he is not just another pretty face, film and TV actor, {12} (The Incredible Hulk) who appears regularly on the CBS TV hit King of Queens as himself, has been cast as a series regular on his own sit-com. He has been cast as a Ghost the spirit of the deceased father of NY actor/comedian {13}, who the show is built around The Only Man I Love, Tucker Brown, is filming in locations in LA and NY (the setting of the show). Our sources tell us that since the success of Lou on King of Queens, he has been serious about starring in his own show. Look for it as a mid season replacement in 2007 on the Hollywood Beat.