We were all instructed to wear a fabulous Posh T shirt with a jeweled Four Leaf Clover, and the phrase "Feelin Lucky" inscribed on the front. Noted that with one exception, all the gals wore a "small". Does everyone in Hollywood wear a size two?

Lord Richard Attenborough and wife Sheila attended Mills Birthday soiree, although they still are in deep mourning for the death of their daughter Jane, and their year old granddaughter, Lucy, who were lost in the Tsunami in Thailand. The Director of Ghandi, which won eight Oscars in 1983, and Mills are lifelong friends, and although they were grieving, they wanted to pay tribute to the venerable actor Emmy, Golden Globe and Sag Award winner Tony Shalhoub, who stars as Monk in the award winning series, was master of ceremonies for an "Evening in the City of Light" sponsored by the Junior League of Los Angeles. The black tie event brought out a slew of socialites who support a myriad of charities in the L.A. area.

Lauder presented everyone with a huge bottle of "Beyond Passion" perfume and body lotion. The best item we received in a goody bag since the Oscars.

Kudos to Lisa Miller, President and all the hard working ladies in the Junior League for a most elegant evening. Even Michael Eisner (former head of the House of Mouse) was smiling broadly when he learned that the League had met their goal of raising more than $600,000 for the year.