There was MAGIC in the air, when Earvin "Magic" Johnson received the Hollywood Hero Award from Craig Moon, President and Publisher of USA Today. Magic followed in the footsteps of prior honorees Geena Davis and Zina Bethune, for his contributions of time and energy with a non-profit organization dedicated to helping others. His Magic Johnson Foundation has awarded over $1.1 million to community based organizations that focus on HIV/AIDS, and supports more than 800 minority high school students with college scholarships.

Movie PictureSamuel L. JacksonAmong the prestigious presenters were L.A. {4} (looking very soigné in his ubiquitous N.Y. Yankees baseball cap) and {5}, who warbled an impromptu operatic aria during the cocktail hour. Did you know that the tough guy from Goodfellas, is a trained opera singer and will be starring in an offbeat sci-fi musical, Repo! - The Genetic Opera. This futuristic rock-opera is being directed by {6}, who is responsible for the highly successful Saw flicks - and {7} and {8} co-star along with Sorvino. Talk about unusual casting!
Movie Picture Craig Moon (USA Today), Mayor Villaraigosa, Magic Johnson Another tough guy at the event was {9} (Pulp Fiction) who happens to be the highest box office grossing actor in the world. Jackson like everyone else in the jam-packed ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hotel, is an avid fan of Magic. As {10}, Owner of the L.A. Lakers stated,Magic's impact on the game of basketball cannot be overstated. He was successful on the court, and in business, and now is doing the same for neighborhoods and communities across the U.S. His legacy is nothing short of remarkable.
Movie PictureRussell SimmonsThe theme for the recent United Cerebral Palsy Foundation was Hope for the Future and among the honorees was {11}, the first woman in the U.S. to head up programming for a TV network (Showtime and Lifetime) whose parents founded the UCPA, after her older sister was born with CP. Also honored was actress, {12} (Young Frankenstein, Close Encounters of the Third Kind) who suffers from MS herself. The plucky blonde is an advocate in raising awareness for this dread disease, and wrote about her experiences in Speedbumps: Flooring It Through Hollywood.
Movie PictureJason Ritter, Loreen Arbus, Amy Yasback (John Ritter's widow)Among the many celebs in attendance were {13} ({14}'s widow) and his son, {15}, who is a huge supporter, as John's brother, {16}, has CP, and comedian {17}. Kudos to {18}, former President of Women in Film, who serves as Co-Chair for the Caucus for TV Producers, Writers and Directors. She was particularly proud that this was UCPA's first fund raising dinner, and they raised over $500,000! A remarkable evening on the Hollywood Beat.
Movie PictureMartin Mull, Teri Garr, Princess Dana of Jordan, Prince Raad of Jordan & Bonnie Dore, Dinner ChairOver 200 partygoers, including New Adventures of Old Christine cast members {19} and {20} attended Support the Cure's 2nd annual fundraiser to benefit Heal the Bay and Environmental Defense Fund at Met Lofts. The event raised $35,000 for the charities. Support The Cure ( was founded by a group of five friends aimed at accomplishing two goals, one: to bring an often apathetic younger generation into philanthropy and two: to help support the cure for global issues. They began this charity because each of the five friends had someone in their lives that had been affected by breast cancer. Each year their event will raise money for a different global cause through a party.
Movie Picture(L-R) Alex Kapp Horner, Amy Janon (Support the Cure Board member) Tricia O'KelleyThe exquisite sound of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra will complement the silent genius of Harold Lloyd at the 19th Annual Silent Film Gala this Saturday, May 31st, at 8:00 p.m. at UCLA's Royce Hall. Academy Award-winning actor {21} will attend and serve as the Honorary Chairman of the highly anticipated event. The evening will feature Lloyd's brilliant comedy, Speedy (1928), with an extended rare cameo by baseball legend {22} who Lloyd takes on a wild ride through the streets of Manhattan. Celebrated composer/conductor {23} will lead the Orchestra in a live performance of his own original film score. Following the film, the Chamber Orchestra will host a gala party under the stars. For ticket information, visit or contact the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra at 213 622 7001 x 215
Movie PictureHarold Lloyd's Speedy will be screened at the 19th Annual Silent Film Gala
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