Westside Producer and humanitarian Ava Fries attracted an enthusiastic group of supporters of children's rights, in honor of her own daughter, Cami, who died suddenly last year. Among these were Vanna White, Pia Zadora and her 22 year old daughter, Kady (who is following in the footsteps of her Mom, in pursuing an acting and singing career). We enjoyed chatting with Suzanne Hughes (whose son is heir to the Herbalite fortune) and Shelly Long, (who starred in the film Troop Beverly Hills, which Ava produced. We learned from our table mate, Lynn Landon (Michael Landon's first wife) that their son, Chris, is the screenwriter for the box office hit Disturbia. Talk about a proud Mom!

Movie Picture Vanna White & Shelly Long Also caught up with {9} and her handsome hubby, {10}. Connie, a huge television star in the 80's in Hotel, has put her career on hold to raise her children. The still beautiful brunette, and Tesh, spent Mother's Day visiting retirement homes and bringing gifts to neglected Moms. What a fabulous couple.
Movie Picture Donna Mills, John Tesch and Connie Sellecca at Westside Children's Center Event Another noteworthy couple, {11} and {12} ,who work tirelessly for the welfare of American families, received the Big Heart Award. They were delighted (as we were) to see the Westside Children's Center Kids Choral Group perform You Are my Sunshine and It's a Small World, Isn't It. Quite appropriate for this special sunny afternoon.
Movie Picture Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw with producers Ava & Chuck Fries {13} and {14} were dinner chairs for Lupus La Evening of Love, Light and Laughter at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Their gorgeous 17 year old daughter, {15}, was recently diagnosed with Lupus ,and it is their hope that a cure can be found for this disease that affected two million Americans...most of whom are young women. Another young woman affected by Lupus, {16} ({17}'s sister) was honored for her support, and received the {18} Public Service Award from his attractive widow, {19}.
Movie Picture Paula Abdul & Holly Robinson Peete {20} came directly from American Idol taping just in time to present the Medical Visionary Award, and as a special surprise she brought along two tickets to American Idol to add to the live auction. Since {21} (Producer) and actress {22} from The Shield were honored, another auction item was a walk-on appearance on The Shield. Some of the many supporters in attendance included {23} and {24} and {25} and {26} and {27} of Beverly Hills.
Movie Picture Gretchen Wayne & Kelly Stone at Lupus Event For those of you who love animals (as we do) you are invited to attend an exhibition of photography by {28} at Tag Gallery in Santa Monica. Cheryl has been photographing animals in their native habitat for many years, and stresses the inter-connection we have to all creatures. There will be a preview on Thursday, May 24th between 6-8, and a reception on Sat. June 9th between 5-8 PM. Since Cheryl is the sister of songwriter {29}, you know there will be scads of celebs in attendance. A upcoming event of interest on the Hollywood Beat.