Like the Oscar nominees, whose ages ranged from 8 to 80, the guests at Norby Walters "Night of 100 Stars" were a diverse combination of starlets, stars and superstars.

Movie Picture Norby Walters, Host with Connie Stevens We had the pleasure of interviewing 87 year old Celeste Holm, who won an Academy Award for Gentleman's Agreement, and such young performers, as {1}, Lance Bass and {2} (Lolita & Alpha Dog). There were even generations of actors, like {3} (daughter of The Incredible Hulk) who is currently in the midst of producing and staring in the feature film Clown City.
Movie Picture Montel Wiliams at Night of 100 StarsThe most rewarding part of Norby's annual star-fest is that everyone is welcome, and there is a camaraderie among the guests that is amazing. We have attended for the past 17 years, and it is like a huge family gathering of glamour, grit and gossip! Sadly missing from the mix was {4}, who had attended several times, and was scheduled to be there with {5}. Famed designer {6}, one of the underwriters of the event, was a good friend of Anna, and she spent many vacations at his private island in the Bahamas (where he owns the largest home in the world). He tried to wean her off the drugs, but said she needed a full time guardian. In honor of the recently departed actress/model, there was a shrine set up, with flickering candles, by our mutual friend, {7}, who did an excellent job in handling the myriad of press on hand..
Movie Picture Bo Derek and John Corbett (Sex and the City) with Giego Caveman Holding hands, were the still gorgeous {8} and {9} (Sex and the City), who were introduced by the party's genial host, Norby. They really enjoyed meeting and greeting the {10}, who was appropriately dressed for the occasion. Speaking of attire, the prettiest gown was worn by famed porn star {11}, whose autobiography How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale, is being made into a film. {12} has been singled out by the X- Rated actress to portray her, in what could be an Academy Award winning role. After all, didn't {13} earn a nomination for her role in Boogie Nights?
Movie Picture Edward Lozzi and the late Anna Nicole Smith at prior Night of 100 Stars soiree

We were seated next to talk show host Montel Williams, who jetted in for the occasion. Williams, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis is promoting a program, Partnership for Prescription Assistance. As he stated, "There is no reason in America today, why somebody has to wakeup in the morning with pain, because they can't get a hold of their prescription medication."

Movie Picture Peter Nygard, Underwriter, with MarciAlso enjoyed chatting with {15} (Hercules), who was part of a panel on How Hollywood and Celebrities Can Be a Force for Good. Sorbo is national spokesperson for A World fit for Kids & the After School Alliance. And you thought that celebs were only concerned about what to wear on the red carpet on the Hollywood Beat!
Movie Picture Shana Ferrigno (daughter of Incredible Hulk)