Movie PictureSteve Wynn at Cast PartyWho ever said that Steve Wynn, the man widely credited with transforming Las Vegas into a world renowned destination, was a dummy? Rick Lyon, creator of the puppets for the Tony Award winning show Avenue Q, created a Steve Wynn puppet that would confuse even his wife, Elaine.

We were greeted by the two Steves, at a welcoming soiree for the cast and crew of Avenue Q, who were dropped off at the Wynn Hotel entrance by three rare Bentley limousines. The cast of characters, including Trekkie Monster and Lucy The Slut, welcomed us with a new song "Only in Vegas" – which included lyrics like "to the land where breasts are phony, comes a show that won a Tony"…. No innocent kiddie show folks, but a grown up version of "discovering the wonderful world of make believe".

Movie PictureCast of Avenue Q

with Steve Wynn puppetWynne was enchanted by the musical on Broadway, and constructed a 1,200 seat Broadway Theater to house them. It is his goal to create Broadway in Vegas, which incidentally seems to be happening. The Venetian is building a special theatre to present Phantom of the Opera, and currently you can catch Mama Mia at Mandalay Bay, We Will Rock You at the Paris, and even our pals, Renee Taylor (The Nanny) and hubby Joe Bologna are presenting their autobiographical show If You Ever Leave Me – I'm Going With You at the Plaza Showroom downtown.

Naturally the town is a buzz with scads of Circus type shows, like Ka and Mystere, and we caught up with the spectacular show Le Reve at the Wynn. Created by renowned director, Franco Dragone, you experience a remarkable intimate and personal theatre going experience, and view some of the most talented performers in the world.

Movie PictureCast of Avenue QBut the highlight of our visit was dinner at the SW Steakhouse, which combines a class Steakhouse with the flavors of Alsace. We requested a table on the terrace, where we could witness the environmental theatre on The Lake of Dreams. A coursing fall of water drops more than 200 feet into a lake, spanning three acres. Shimmering with 4,000 colors changing lights, this magical lake is home to a series of dream sequences that create shows nightly. Where else can one have breakfast in Paris, lunch in Venice, cocktails in Mandalay Bay, and dinner at the Lake of Dreams? As the song suggests, Only in Vegas.
Movie PictureCast of Avenue QBut while on the subject of Vegas, one thing disturbs me even more than the smoke in the casinos – and that is the use of cell phones. Imagine trying to outsmart the video poker machine, and deciding whether to hold two or three cards – while someone next to you is yapping away about nonsense. It is our hope that the Casino Bosses will get wise, like some of the finer eateries, and prohibit the use of cell phones. A wise suggestion from the Hollywood Beat.