This has been Party Week for Pets - and we have been exposed to an assortment of critters from Doggies to Dolphins, and the many celebs who support them. We began our expedition, with the premiere of Eye of the Dolphin, starring talented Carly Schroeder. Carly, who is destined to be the next Reese Witherspoon, vigorously trained to perform her own underwater stunts, including swimming with the dolphins while on location in the Bahamas.

Movie Picture Carly Schroeder, young star of Eye of the DolphinThe blonde beauty, best known for her role as {2} and {3}'s daughter in Firewall, also received experience with animals, when she appeared in the thriller Prey, where her family is stranded on a wild animal safari in South Africa. Among Carly's favorite activities are horseback riding, karate, fencing, soccer and surfing. How refreshing to meet a young Hollywood actress who isn't seen nightly at Hydes or the hot spots in Tinseltown.
Movie Picture Virginia Madsen at premiere Then a few days later, we were invited to the Hancock Park estate of swimwear designer, {4}, to a benefit for {5}. Many Top Dogs and Cat's Meow celebs were in attendance including {6} (Dallas), {7} (Best in Show) and {8} and five of NBC's Deal or No Deal briefcase beauties.
Movie Picture Christine Adams (Batman Begins) who co-stars in Eye of the DolphinWe were pleased to be with our camera crew shooting for my Texas based TV Show, and among my treasured interviews was with author {9}, who is in town covering the {10} trial. Speaking of the infamous Mr. Spector, songwriter {11}, who recorded his first hit, To Know Him is to Love Him as a member of the Teddy Bears, was hostess for the event, and dressed appropriately (in full cat suit) for the occasion.
Movie Picture Songwriter Carol Connors ({12}) with author Dominick Dunne and Beth Karas (Anchor - Court TV)

Speaking of dress codes -- Barbara Lazaroff (Spagos) as a dainty Dalmatian, caught the eye of Mr. Blackwell -- and no doubt will receive a nomination on his list! Others enjoying the sumptuous buffet and listening to Connors original song, "Unconditional Love, Unconditionally," which is featured on the Pet Smarts Charities fund raising video, included stockbroker September Sarno, Dr. Danne King, and music producer, Eddie Reasoner who jetted in from Nashville for the occasion. Best news is that Pet Smart is donating $14 million, the largest philanthropic gift ever made to any community, for pet over-population programs.

Movie Picture Linda Thompson (Elvis' last love) with Elvis impersonator of Pet Smart Fundraiser

We spent a delightful evening at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre attending the world premiere of Paheliyan: The Story of Alice. The Blue 13 Dance Company presented an exhilarating Indian fantasy world, which brought together all the elements of Alice in Wonderland, and the exotic addition of Bollywood.

Lewis Carroll would have been overwhelmed by Kory Keith (of Los Feliz) who portrayed Alice, and the Brown Bunny Rabbit, Achinta S. McDaniel, who founded the company, was electric. The 25 young dancers who performed under her tutelage, are truly dedicated to the advancement of experimental and non-traditional dance, while preserving the cultural and classical forms of India. Brava to the entire company from the Hollywood Beat.