The scene could have been entitled "The Prince and the Paint Brush" - but in this case the paintbrush was a jet airplane, and Prince Jurgen Von Anhalt used the gale force of the winds, spewed from the engine, to create a masterpiece. The event was held at the new Million Air Los Angeles Executive Airport, and among the enthralled guests were Maria Conchita Alonzo, Dennis Cole (who acted as master of ceremonies), Sammy Davis, Jr.'s attractive widow, Altovise Davis and Barbara Lazaroff - partner of Wolfgang Puck of Spago, who provided an assortment of elegant hors d'oeuvres.

Movie PicturePrince Jurgen Von Anhalt unveils the official World Tour Poster It was so cool (in more ways than one) witnessing the unusual performance - that {6} (The Incredible Hulk) said he needed a sweater. Any chance of finding one that would fit the Hulk? Others overwhelmed by the synthesis of power, timing and environment; which created the unusual texture and structure, included producer {7} , and {8} (Deal or No Deal)
Movie PictureLeyla Milani (Deal or No Deal) poses prettily wit Barbara Lazaroff (Spago) and Maria Conchita Alonzo At the conclusion of the program, both the Prince and Princess Tarinan were covered with paint - but the results were well worth it. The paintings are in collections, museums and office buildings world-wide. A great start to their world tour, which will end in Moscow on the Red Square.. For further info, and demonstration of Jet Art, check out You-Tube, Jet Art Millennium World Tour -2008. What a great reality show this would make!
Movie PictureActor Dennis Cole with Princess Tarinan at Jet ArtWe again spent Oscar night at the Beverly Hills Hotel Crystal Ballroom at the Night of 100 Stars Black Tie Dinner Viewing Gala. After 18 years, we feel like we are sharing Oscar Night with family - but in this case, the family includes scads of former Oscar winners and nominees. {9}, veteran music agent, reprised his role as Producer and Dinner Chairman, and among the celebs in attendance were {10}, {11}, the {12} - looking somber as usual, Pr wiz, {13}, {14}, and Hercules himself, {15}. Particularly enjoyed chatting with {16} (Monk) who seems to be on a perpetual honeymoon with his actress wife, {17}, (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and gorgeous {18}, who was decked out in a flaming red gown, which seemed to be the color of the evening. Tia, who shared the screen with {19} in Wayne's World, and {20} in True Lies, first love is music, and she recently received a Grammy nomination in the Best Hawaiian Music Album category
Movie PictureTia Carrere at Night of 100 Stars{@IMG:NgsRVHgllD0xajjJ3iQZM1yFQpjGdm
Movie PictureLarry Birkhead & Personalized Pacifier
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