Movie PictureSteve Martin at Memorial for Red ButtonsOk - he never had a dinner - and {0} did not want a memorial service. However, after his recent death at age 89, his legion of friends and family felt he deserved some sort of tribute to celebrate his extraordinary life. Actor, comedian, song and dance man, and one of the most talented performers who ever lived, Red was a fixture on the social scene. His shock of red hair and infectious smile, were the first things we ever saw whenever we entered any soirée. His energy and accessibility to everyone was a joy to behold.
Movie PictureImpresario Norby Walters with Sally Kellerman at premiere of Boyton Beach Club{1}, along with {2} (owner of the Century Club) and a slew of other friends of Red, invited us to cocktails, buffet, film presentation and testimonials delivered by such luminaries as {3} and {4}, demonstrating their love and affection. There were more stars in the audience that one could mention. Kassel, who acted as Master of Ceremonies, said he just wanted to introduce the most famous and revered movie star in the world, and {5} proudly stood up and acknowledged the applause.
Movie PictureDyan Cannon with Racquel Welch at premiere of Boyton Beach Club{6}, who has been in the news more than anyone these days, joked that he was happy that {7} was not there, because he would have to put the handcuffs on him. Former Governor {8} said it was a hard act to follow the various comedians who spoke, and retorted: If I had been better at telling jokes, I'd probably still be Governor. It was that kind of evening, full of love, laughter and deep emotions about the loss of everyone's favorite redhead - Red Buttons.
Movie PictureRenee Taylor & Joe Bologna, stars of Boyton Beach Club We were pleased to be seated with {9} and {10}, who we congratulated on their new flick, Boyton Beach Club. This film, written and directed by {11} (Desperately Seeking Susan, Sex in the City) revolves around five widows and widowers living in an adult community in Florida, whose lives intersect when they meet at a local bereavement group. We particularly loved {12}'s interpretation of a still sexy sixty year old, complete with masses of hair, makeup and stiletto heels. And {13}'s experience with Viagra, is way over the top. Go girl go! As AARP Magazine stated, This is a movie for grownups.
Movie PictureElizabeth Rohm, Star of Amber Alert Speaking of important flicks ,you are invited to attend the world premiere of a Nasser Entertainment Film on Thursday, August 24th at 20th Century Fox Studios. The movie, entitled Amber Alert, stars {14}, best known for her co-starring role in Law & Order. It is the story of the geneses of the National Amber Alert Bill, which is one of law enforcements greatest tools in helping to recover kidnapped children.

Tickets are $100 per person, and include complimentary drinks and snacks. Proceeds will benefit Sheriff Baca's Youth Foundation, and Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) will act as Master of Ceremonies. For further information, please contact Dawn Zamudio at 323-526-5120. Hope to see you there on the Hollywood Beat.

Movie PictureLou & Carla Ferrigno who will host premiere of Amber Alert