If Sharon Stone ever decides to give up acting, she could become the most successful Auctioneer ever. Before going to Cannes last week, where she hosted a benefit for Aids with Robin Williams, she helped raise a quarter of a million dollars at a live auction to benefit Lupus LA. Wearing a skin tight red gown, she pleaded, teased and cajoled the SRO audience into buying luxury items and trips - and even joked that she might accompany them on the trip (if the price was right)!

Movie PictureSharon Stone, Auctioneer at Lupus Event Lupus LA was formed six years ago by {2} to raise funds for Lupus Research. Did you know that this autoimmune disease affects over two million Americans, 90% are women, and there is no cure? To this end, many prominent young women support this cause, including our dear friend, Carrie ({3}) who will be their honoree next year. One of the items auctioned off by sexy Sharon included Tee time at Hillcrest Country Club with hubby Bernie.
Movie PicturePietra Thorton with actor Antonio Rufino Another avid supporter is gorgeous {4}, ex-wife of {5}, and mother of their two sons, Willie (12) and Harry (13). Pietra has created and written a reality-based television show, Celebrity Ex, and she is considering a role in a film Redefining Normal, as well as a major role in a film by director {6}. Pietra is a woman with extreme depth and commitment, and she brings this quality to her work. We wish her much success in her chosen career.
Movie PicturePietra Thornton & sons, Willie & Harry Hilarious {7} hosted the show, featuring {8} of the Eagles, who rocked the house with his own Mad Dog Band. Honorees included Fox Network's Golden Globe winner House creator {9}. {10}, of the John Wayne Institute also received an award which was presented by {11}, the widow of John's son, Michael. Other celebs in the audience included {12}, {13}, (who jetted in from Vegas for the occasion), {14} and {15}.
Movie PictureWayne Newton & Carol Brillstein at Lupus Event Another star-studded event was held at the Westside home of {16} to celebrate the publication of {17}' book, Spiraling Through the School of Life. This extraordinary book that is part autobiography, part spiritual guidance details Diane's marriage to actor {18}, and the miracle birth of their daughter {19}. She describes her friendship with such celebs as {20}, {21}, {22} and {23} to name a few.
Movie PictureDiane Ladd and celebrity friends at book signing soiree at Connie Steven's Home Many of her buddies were at the afternoon garden party including {24}, {25} and {26}, who are starring in the Bermuda Avenue Triangle opening June 2nd at the Brentwood Theatre. Others sipping champagne and chocolate covered strawberries included {27}, {28} and, of course, Connie's two delightful daughters {29} and {30}, who is co-starring with {31} in the new Fox TV Sitcom, Till Death. It was lovely to share this glorious afternoon with some of the most beautiful people on the Hollywood Beat.