Sporting a distinctive Buster Brown hairdo, Topher Grace, arrived fresh from his role as "Venom" in Spiderman, to be a presenter at the Wellness Community Fundraiser. Known as the "Poor man's Tobey Maguire", the reed thin performer is seen posing prettily with Suzan Hughes (Herbalife Heiress) and Steve Guttenberg, who is even more dedicated to helping those in need, than to this acting profession. He pours much of his life into meaningful community service, and has been an advocate to numerous organizations and causes.

A four course, prix- fixe menu and a one hour performance is included in the $50.00 value package price. For further info, please call 818-981-3077. You can bet we will be there for another exciting evening on the Hollywood Beat....even if, in this case, it is in the Valley! .