from Starlight Starbright FoundationSteven Spielberg may be a hard act to follow - but not for 12 year old actress Dakota Fanning. She received the 2006 Heart of Gold Award from Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, which Spielberg received last year. The award was presented by Fanning's friend and Dreamer co-star Elisabeth Shue, who is expecting her third child any day now. In accepting the award Faning said, "This is going to be a motivation and inspiration for me to continue helping others throughout my whole life."

Jamie Lee Curtis hosted the evening, and truly believes in the positive impact the Foundation has on seriously ill children and their families. She related a story about her own son, who was injured in an accident. The mobile Nintendo unit that was rolled into his hospital room, was donated by Starlight-Starbright and helped speed his recovery.

and Patrick Wayne at John Wayne Cancer Auxiliary EventOthers who participated in the show were singers Kristy Frank and Bob Saget who may be changing his image as everyone's favorite Dad. He has moved on from giving fatherly advice on Full House to directing a spoof of last year's Oscar winning documentary March of the Penguins (entitled Farce of the Penguins). He is also presenting an adult stand up comedy routine to packed houses throughout the country.

My, how things have changed. Please don't tell me that Fanning will be the next Paris Hilton!

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, wearing a signature red gown, was honored by the John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary at the Annual Odyssey Ball. The theme this year was "Our Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys", and dress for the evening was black tie or Western Elegant. Noticed a lot of handsome cowboys wearing Versace tuxedos with huge Stetson Hats - and spotted celebs like Kim Darby (True Grit) and Donna Mills (Knott's Landing) wearing designer gowns with cowboy boots. Maybe they will start a new fashion trend.

A very moving documentary about President Reagan's lifetime romance with Nancy illustrated their unwavering commitment to each other. The love letters that Ronnie wrote to her were simple and direct, and obviously very sincere. There was also a film depicting dozens of western stars from Tom Mix to Gary Cooper who died from cancer. Even the Marlboro Cowboy himself fell victim several years ago.

at Starlight Starbright EventThe best news is that John Wayne Cancer Clinic has grown to more than 800 members and they have raised more than 14 million dollars to help defeat this dread disease. The Duke would be very proud.

Keep May 18th open for the L.A. Public Library Awards Dinner to be held at the Richard J. Riordan Central Library downtown. Anjelica Huston will present distinguished writer Norman Mailer with the Literary Award, and Wells Fargo will be honored for their corporate philanthropy. Mailer is renowned for his provocative and controversial works, including the story of a platoon in World War II,The Naked and the Dead, as well as his examination of the role of CIA in American life, Harlot's Ghost. For ticket info, please call 213-228-7500. An upcoming event of interest on the Hollywood Beat.