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Publisher Michael Viner (Phoenix Books) with Victoria's Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosia at Superbowl Soiree at Spago

Football has never been a priority in my life - but the annual Superbowl Soiree at Spago is a high point on my social calendar. Michael Viner (Phoenix Books) always hosts a fabulous bash at the Beverly Hills eatery, and Wolfgang does him proud. What could be better than chowing down on hot dogs, chili, cheeseburgers and even potato knishes, at the most star studded buffet line in town.

Seen dishing out their goodies and watching the big game on 16 big screen plasma screens were LarryShawn King and their two adorable young sons, Robert and Audrey Loggia, Dolph Lundgren, Dick and Patty Van Patten and George Schlatter (Laugh In) to name a few. The Giants may have won the Superbowl, but we were bowled over by the fantastic food and gorgeous guests.

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Barbara Lazaroff (co-owner of Spago) with son Byron and beau, John Hanwell

AARP - The Magazine, hosted "Movies for Grownups"at the elegant Bel Air Hotel. These awards honor those over 50, that are continuing to engage audiences with new approaches; and sterling work by actors, actresses and writers at the top of their game. John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis were the hosts of the evening, which paid tribute to the 20th Anniversary of A Fish Called Wanda. Unfortunately Jamie Lee had the flu, and was replaced by Dana Delany, Desperate Housewives. Cleese remarked, "She's a much better actress than Jamie anyway." Curtis who turns 50, will soon be seen bare shouldered on the cover of the May-June issue, showing off her well-known charms.

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Julie Christie with John Cleese

Ruby DeeHal Holbrook, who accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award from his wife Dixie Carter (Designing Women) was overwhelmed. Sure be nice if this distinguished thespian won an Academy Award for his performance in Into the Wild Savages received the award for best movie for grownups, while Chris Cooper for Breach won best actor. Julie Christie picked up her award for best actress for her haunting performance in Away From Her. The still striking beauty clearly demonstrates that age is no barrier.

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Hal Holbrook with wife, Dixie Carter

Michael Moore, (Sicko) who won in the category of best documentary, delivered an acceptance speech that scrutinized social security, socialized medicine, and the wealthy not paying their fair share of taxes - to name a few. Be interesting to hear what he has to say if he wins an Oscar.

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Michael Moore, Best Documentary at AARP Awards

His inspirational rant received resounding applause from such ageless stars as Angela Lansbury, Jacqueline Bissett, Ed Begly Jr and the indomitable Julie Andrews, who has turned her considerable talents to writing. Andrews and her daughter, Emma write together, and oversee a collection of children's stories that include their own works, and books that had gone out of print. Other awards were given to Director Kevin Lima, whose film Enchanted was named Best Movie for Grownups who Refuse to Grow Up; and The Bucket List, which won as Best Buddy movie. When producer director Rob Reiner accepted his award, he related how difficult it was to obtain financing for "a movie about two dying men".

A most entertaining evening indeed for all grownups on the Hollywood Beat.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange