at Covenant House EventMegan Mullally (Will & Grace) was the recipient of Teen Line Humanitarian Award at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Megan is bigger than life on the hit TV series; but in person the diminutive dark haired actress presents a rather frail presence – until she opens her mouth that is. Does she really speak in that squeaky high pitched tone she displays on the hit TV sit com? No folks, Megan spoke out loud and clear on her views of teen problems and suicide. As a matter of fact, she recently starred in The Pact for Lifetime Television, which focused on this issue.

James Burrows, Producer of Will & Grace and co-creator of Cheers, related how he met Megan when she was starring in a little theatre production of Most Happy Fellow, produced and written by his Dad, Abe Burrows. She sure came a long way Baby

from Covenant HouseTeen celebrity host, Raven Symone, who has now reached the wise old age of 20, serves as an Ambassador for Colin Powell's Children First Program, and is very devoted to this issue. But the most moving speaker was a young Beverly Hills beauty, raised in the lap of luxury, who turned to drugs and alcohol and eventually ended up living in the streets. She is now in recovery, and is one of the dedicated teen line advisers – peer to peer- who can help deter this terrible situation.

That is what Cedars Sinai Teen Line is all about – a teen to teen hotline and outreach program, where the simple act of listening can make a real difference. some cases, a life saving one. Bravo to all concerned.

& Megan Mullally at Teen Line EventAnd while on the subject of youth, actress Brittany Murphy, who co-starred in Just Married with Ashton Kutcher, and is currently starring in Sin City opposite Bruce Willis, has earned a reputation as quite a philanthropist herself. Besides being very active in the USO, she is involved in Step up Women's Network, committed to mentoring women and girls She was honored the other evening by Covenant House which serves homeless youth in the Los Angeles community.

at Covenant House EventAlso lauded was Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Keyshawn Johnson, who began his career as a ball boy for the UCLA's football team, and later was the #1 pick for the New York Jets. Johnson founded his own education fund, which administers college scholarships to disadvantaged youth. Also honored was philanthropist Jeff Lloyd.

Spotted shaking their booty to the music of Chuck Wansley and the De Bois All-Stars were two out of this world guys – Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Star Trek's William Shatner. So you see in the real and reel world, everyone supports children in need.