"The Greatest Show on Earth" - hardly! Where were the three rings? Where were the lions and tigers? What about the high flying trapeze artists? Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey obviously has given in to PETA and other animal rights organizations and have "tamed" down their show. There is one token Elephant who struts around the rim of the arena, and a huge photo image of a remote pachyderm family, who might just as well have been in Africa.

We are true animal lovers, and do not approve of their mistreatment; however, we believe these allegations are grossly exaggerated. Where else would our children have the opportunity to see these wonders, and know that we are not alone in this universe? Now Ringling Brothers main attraction is a team of hat juggling acrobats. Sort of like a tacky vaudeville show - outdated and outclassed by the Cirque de'Soleil.

Movie Picture
Jennifer Fuentes, Ringmaster, "Greatest Show on Earth"

Another "attraction" is their Ringmaster, Jennifer Fuentes, whose former gig was as a finalist on American Idol. While she sure is a beauty, her vocal talents are better served on the small screen. Not at "The Greatest Show on Earth".

A more entertaining evening was spent at Concern Foundations 32nd Annual Block Party at Paramount Studios. Entitled "the Great Outdoors Adventure", this event featured a silent auction, rock climbing, casino gaming and live musical entertainment. Dozens of restaurants, including Fogo De Chao, Ago, and the Grill on the Alley, set up food booths, and more than 3,000 participants chowed down on everything from pizzas to paella.

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Adam Carolla (Loveline) with puppy pal at Concern Foundation

Adam Corolla (Loveline) left his one month old twin boys at home, and hosted the event's live auction. He fell in love with a nine month old lab that was up for bidding, and later joined Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) for a sip of wine from Lohr vineyards. Kristy, who was with her new beau from Canada, later "skated" over to La Mill for a cup of coffee, where the two love birds were caught smooching the night away.

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Kristy Swanson (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer)

The best news is that over one million dollars was raised that evening to help fight cancer. Kudos to humanitarian Jim and Lauren Freedman and Los Angeles magazine for sponsoring this fantastic event.

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Doris Roberts, to participate in Poker Tournament for Caucus

Doris Roberts is among the celebrity participants scheduled to attend a "Texas Hold Em" poker tournament on August 19th at the Renaissance Hollywood hotel. This event benefits the Caucus for TV producers, writers and directors foundation, and provides grants for student filmmakers. Chaired by Chuck Fries and Lee Miller, this evening is open to the public at $150 per person, and includes a start up package of chips, wine bar and dinner. Other celebs slated to participate include Ed Asner, Pamela Bach, Charles Durning, John O'Hurley (love that guy from Dancing with the Stars) Eva La Rue, and James Woods.

For ticket info please call 818-888-6182. Hope to see you there on the Hollywood Beat.