at The Lost City premiereAlthough Cuban born Andy Garcia was only six years old when he emigrated, he has an undying love for his native country. For eighteen years he has been trying to produce a film about the Caribbean Island, and the tumultuous revolution that got rid of Batista, and the takeover by Fidel Castro's communist dictatorship He succeeded admirably with The Lost City, which premiered at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.

of The Lost CityAt the after party at Cabana Club, feasting on traditional Cuban cuisine like fried

plantain and empanadas, we sat with lovely Carolina Bacardi, who is the scion of the Cuban family who brought the world Bacardi Rum. Caroline is known for her upscale modeling lines for Sears, and has appeared on the cover of dozens of magazines including Latin Style, and Maxim. The very pregnant young woman was with her handsome hubby, plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Verbin.

Garcia, who was with his wife and three daughters, portrays a musician who owns a nightclub - which is not too far from the truth. The handsome actor joined the Latin jazz band and let it rip on congas and bongos. Even Bruce Willis was shaking his booty to the spirited sounds. The Lost City will be released on May 5th - don't miss it. With a historic revolution, vibrant music and passionate love story, it can't help but be a blockbuster.

at Green PartySeems like everyone is on the bandwagon to produce a "Green Issue". Vanity Fair's March cover captures "Green Team" members Julia Roberts, Al Gore, George Clooney, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spreading the word about Global Warming, and Elle, the world's largest fashion magazine is devoting their May issue to the subject of environment. Recently such celebs as Amy Smart, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Keira Chaplin and Richard Lewis attended a screening of Larry David's HBO documentary film, Too Hot Not to Handle, and later an after party at the Astra Lounge, featuring a DJ performance by Rosanna Arquette. Others feasting on the organic menu, catered by Wolfgang Puck, included Bill Maher, Christine Lahti (Chicago Hope) and Arianna Huffington who was rocking out to John Mayer's performance.

at Green PartyElle's Green Issue features interviews with eco-leaders including Cameron Diaz, Leonardo Di Caprio, Sandra Oh and Robert Redford. Who knew there was such a high celebrity quotient of Greenies on the Hollywood Beat?