Despite the fact that a writer's strike is about to happen in Hollywood, studios aren't panicking yet. According to Variety, most companies have been preparing for a strike this entire year and have a mountain of material that they are just sitting on.

If the walkout turns into a month long picket parade, studio staffers and the producers and talent reps they do business with will be the first to feel the hit. One high-level executive stated, "The writers are striking us, and creating hardship here. It has become about cold, hard business, where everyone is going to look at all their commitments and eliminate the ones that aren't necessary. Everyone will be reshuffling their businesses to make them run more efficiently, and it is going to happen fast and hard. That goes for studios and talent agencies. If this stretches into January, we could be looking at a much different business than the one we knew before this weekend."

At this time, nearly fifty feature films are said to be in preparation for shooting in the next couple of months. Most of the films to be released in 2008 have already wrapped principle photography or are set to start production immediately. Insiders say that the strike would have to last seven months before any real damage is felt.