The first trailer for Holmes & Watson has finally arrived. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly haven't appeared in a movie together as a lead duo in over a decade. The last time it happened? 2008's Step Brothers, which has since attained its status as a comedy classic. And let's not forget their first collaboration, Talladega Nights. Now, finally, Ferrell and Reilly are back in a very different kind of comedy that sees them playing the beloved characters of Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick John Watson.

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have this first trailer loaded with slapstick gags aplenty. The whole idea of turning the Sherlock Holmes mythos into a comedic farce such as this has provided the loveable comedic duo with quite a bit of fuel. Though, admittedly, the trailer doesn't have any terribly memorable gags. And they do, very forcibly, include the saying "No s***, Sherlock" in a rather cringy moment. It plays quite a bit on modern things seeming ridiculous at the time in which the movie is set, such as Watson trying to take a selfie with an old-timey camera.

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Perhaps this isn't the greatest first trailer, but it's undoubtedly good to see the two comedic forces back together again. Many probably would have preferred it be Step Brothers 2, but they'll have to take what they can get. The character of Sherlock Holmes is one that has been adapted for the big and small screen numerous times over the years, such as on BBC's Sherlock or in 2015's Mr. Holmes, which stars Sir Ian McKellen in the title role, just to name a couple. Rarely, however, do we see a comedic take. Could this be the Robin Hood: Men in Tights for the Sherlock Holmes canon?

Rebecca Hall, Rob Brydon, Kelly Macdonald and Ralph Fiennes, who plays the nefarious Professor Moriarty, are also aboard the cast. One of the biggest potential knocks against Holmes and Watson is that Adam McKay isn't in the director's chair. Instead, it's Etan Cohen, who previously helmed the Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell comedy Get Hard, at the helm. No disrespect to Mr. Cohen, but that, no matter how one looks at it, is a downgrade in filmmaker department.

In any case, audiences are surely going to be excited about this pairing. Unfortunately, the detective is facing down some stiff competition. On December 21, Holmes and Watson will directly face Warner Bros.' Aquaman, Paramount's Transformers spin-off Bumblebee and director Robert Zemeckis' Welcome to Marwen. It's an extra-crowded release date, but this could serve as a decent bit of counter-programming for those who aren't in the mood to watch stuff blow up. In addition to the trailer, the studio has also released a new poster for the comedy, which we have here for you to check out. Be sure to watch the new trailer from the Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube channel for yourself below.

Holmes and Watson poster