It's only been a few weeks since we got our first look at Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Holmes & Watson, and now we have the very first poster for the upcoming mystery-comedy. The movie stars Ferrell as Sherlock Holmes and Reilly as Dr. John Watson, as they attempt to solve mysteries. The poster has them each making the first letter of their name with their hands, which is a little easy, but this is a comedy-mystery that we're talking about here.

Holmes and Watson has been in development for what seems like forever. Sacha Baron Cohen was originally attached to star as Sherlock Holmes with Will Ferrell as Dr. John Watson, but that was way back in 2008. Since then, Cohen left the project while Ferrell took over the Holmes role and John C. Reilly stepped on board to play Watson. Holmes and Watson also stars Lauren Lapkus, Rob Brydon, Kelly Macdonald, Rebecca Hall, Ralph Fiennes, and Hugh Laurie.

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Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have previously starred in Step Brothers and Talladega Nights together. Reilly recently discussed the possibility of a sequel to Step Brothers and stated that he doesn't believe it will happen. The actor noted that the idea of a sequel has been kicked around ever since the first movie came out, and Ferrell has stated that there's even ideas for it. However, Reilly says that there are currently no plans to work on the sequel. Some fans might find that news as sad, but at least the two actors are reuniting for Holmes and Watson, which will likely share more than a few similarities with some of their former work together.

Now that the first poster for Holmes and Watson has been unveiled, a trailer is probably just around the corner, especially since the movie hits theaters in December of this year. Now that the comedy-mystery is so close to opening in theaters, one would imagine that the studio will do without a teaser trailer and go ahead to release the first full-length trailer right away. The movie opens on the same day as DC and Warner Bros.' Aquaman, and the trailer for that movie was released last month at San Diego Comic-Con. Granted, these are two wildly different movies, but the promotional campaign strategies are similar.

Regardless of when the trailer for Holmes and Watson is released, the movie is only a few months away from hitting theaters. But, a trailer would be pretty nice to see what we can expect from Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly this time around. Additionally, it would be nice to know what the rating is for the comedy-mystery as well, though one can pretty much rule out an R-rating. While we wait to get some more information about Holmes and Watson, you can check out the first poster below, thanks to Teaser Trailer.

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