Want to live Home Alone? Now you can! Yes, it's that time of year again. Time to hang out with the family twice within a 30-day time frame and relive childhood trauma. Or, you can spend $900 a night to get the full Kevin McAllister treatment and pretend that your family totally forgot all about you. The Plaza Hotel, where Home Alone 2 took place, is offering fans of the movie a once (or twice) in a lifetime chance to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lost in New York with authentic 90s themed cocktails and signature dishes to throw you back to 1992.

Rates start at $900 dollars, so only slightly less than the $967 dollars Kevin McAllister spent on room service during his stay. The hotel website says, "In-room and throughout the hotel a variety of experiences inspired by Kevin's time over the holiday's here at The Plaza will come to life for guests to enjoy." The website goes on to say this.

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"Beyond the in-room experience, guests are invited to dine in the Todd English Food Hall to taste-test a 90s-inspired menu with upscale versions of childhood favorites, or to head over to the interactive photo-experience where they'll find themselves in Kevin's New York journey."

Included in the package is an "over-the-top" ice cream sundae cart from room service, just like the one Kevin McAllister, as played by the iconic Macaulay Culkin, had in Home Alone 2. Guests can also take a limo to go see the sights from the movie and maybe even catch the pigeon lady around or spot the Wet Bandits.

Flash your dad's credit card for the ultimate McAllister family upgrades, like express passes to the top of the Empire State Building, access to Wollman Rink in Central Park, the aforementioned four-hour limo tour, and personal vacation photographer. Home Alone fans are also invited to dine in the Plaza's Todd English Food Hall, which will be serving "upscale versions" of childhood favorites including SpaghettiOs, gourmet "Todd" pockets, Charcuterie Lunchables, Funyun Rings, and Sunny-D and Zima inspired cocktails. The Zima mixed with Sunny Delight is probably enough to get most 90s kids there on its own and quite possibly thrown out as well.

In addition, fans who upgrade to the VIP nights will also get a paint bucket from the "Wet Bandits" filled with all of the Home Alone movies on DVD as well as a Home Alone 2 backpack. There's no mention if you'll get a complimentary Talk Boy or if you'll get to meet Donald Trump, but you never know. Both of those things could probably happen while living away from your family during the holidays at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Guests can book the package for visits starting next month through October of next year. You might need to steal your dad's credit card again for this one though since the rates start at $895 a night, before those extra VIP options. Luckily, The Plaza is holding a Kevin McAllister look-alike contest on November 27th, of which the winner will receive a complimentary night's stay, in addition to having the honor of lighting the hotel's Christmas tree. There's still plenty of time to perfect your inner Macaulay Culkin. Head over to the The Plaza's Website for more information.