A Canadian broadcast of Home Alone 2 cut out Donald Trump's cameo. The holiday movie was seen on TV quite a bit over the last few weeks, along with the first installment, which is a holiday classic. The sequel has never gotten the kind of attention that the first movie received and is largely seen as inferior by viewers. However, over the years, people have grown to include it in their holiday viewing schedules, and it's been something that Trump has been very proud of.

President Donald Trump recently praised Home Alone 2 on a call with troops, showing just how much the movie means to him all of these years later. With that being said, Canadian channel CBC TV's recent airing of the movie omitted Trump's quick appearance in Home Alone 2, which did not go unnoticed on social media. Some of Trump's supporters were obviously pretty angry with the decision, though it did not take place in the United States. It was automatically assumed that it was done for political reasons.

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CBC TV has commented on the situation and claims that Donald Trump's cameo was simply cut to get some more ad revenue in. This is a common practice when movies of any kind are played on TV. Bits are chopped out in order to shorten runtimes and cut indecent portions out, which allows for more commercials. While Trump has not commented on the matter, he will more than likely understand the business side of things and may even go on to take credit for CBC earning more money from ad revenue by cutting his cameo out of Home Alone 2.

As for Donald Trump getting these cameos in Hollywood movies throughout the 1990s, Matt Damon was able to explain how they happened. As far back as the late 1980s and early 1990s, Trump was all over TV, going as far as to appear in Pizza Hut and McDonald's commercials opposite the Grimace. Damon claims Trump would allow movie and TV productions to shoot on his properties in exchange for a cameo, which is how the Home Alone 2 cameo came about. Trump has appeared on screen numerous times over the years and was even included in an episode of Sex in the City.

While the 90s were largely seen as a time for Donald Trump asking to be in movies and TV shows, that all changed when he was asked to host The Apprentice. From here on out, he was a television star and his brand grew immensely, which led to his current role as President of the United States. Regardless of how one feels about his politics, there was once a time when he was excited to get a tiny part in Home Alone 2, acting alongside Macaulay Culkin, which is something a lot of people can relate to. ComicBook was the first to report on the story.