Home Alone might be a family-friendly Christmas movie on its surface, but at its core, it's incredibly violent. As anyone who's seen it already knows, a young boy named Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) creates various booby traps in different areas of his house after being left home alone. In the interest of keeping both himself and his family's possessions safe, Kevin's traps practically maim the so-called "Wet Bandits" Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) as they try to break into the home. When seeing all of the traps concurrently in a new flipbook created by YouTuber TheFlippist, it becomes painfully obvious just how wickedly violent the classic comedy really is.

All of the key moments from the movie make it into the flipbook. We're talking about everything from the icy stairs to the swinging paint cans. As the brutality continues, it's clearly a miracle that the Wet Bandits are even still standing after all of the punishment they're forced to endure by walking into crafty Kevin's traps. Of course, the cringe-inducing scene when Marv steps on the nail is included, which seems to be just as unsettling when animated as it is to see in the movie itself. The trap compilation concludes with Kevin using shears to snip the wire Harry and Marv are hanging on, sending them careening into the house shortly before they are arrested by the police. It finishes with a kind message from the animator wishing happy holidays to the viewers of the video.

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Better yet, there's more to see after the artist makes it to the end of the flipbook. While humming the theme song from the movie, the camera pans up to reveal that the artist is actually standing directly in front of the Home Alone house. It's a pleasant surprise which makes the video that much more interesting, and chances are watching the clip will definitely put you in a mood to revisit the original Home Alone movie. Even with so much over-the-top violence, the movie is a lot of fun and still holds up very well and is just as entertaining as it was when it first hit the big screen in 1990.

Like the first movie, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is also considered a cult classic. Three additional sequels would also be released in the following years, none of which would reach the heights of the original two movies. Interestingly, the franchise will soon see a reboot of sorts, as an R-rated revamp is in the works starring Ryan Reynolds. Called Stoned Alone, the movie will be about a stoner who stays home to smoke pot after missing a flight for a planned vacation when burglars break into his house. Fueled by paranoia, the stoner must devise crafty methods to keep his home safe from the criminals breaking in.

Through the eyes of many, however, there will never be any topping the original Home Alone. It's certainly the scene to revisit the movie for people who have seen it in the past, and it's still must-see for anyone out there who likes Christmas movies but still hasn't seen this one. This video comes from The Flippest on Youtube.