Home Alone has given us all an early Christmas gift as Macaulay Culkin is back as his most iconic character, Kevin McCallister, in a new ad that sees him recreating some of the most famous scenes from Home Alone. For years, Culkin was out of the spotlight, which was a decision he made personally. However, as of late, the once-popular child star has been getting back out there and now, he's going to be giving many of us a healthy dose of nostalgia for the holiday season.

The ad was cooked up by Google to help promote their Google Assistant feature, which is available on a wide range of devices. We see Kevin McCallister, now 38-years-old, recreating his famed adventure from the first Home Alone. But with the help of Google Assistant, many of his tasks are much easier than they were the first time around. Macaulay Culkin had this to say about the video.

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"It was interesting going back and doing a lot of this stuff. They do a very good job on the set decoration and the props. All of the shots were really spot on. I hope that people are really going to dig it."

Even though the ad is just a minute long, they managed to cram a lot in there. We see Kevin shaving, jumping on the bed, ordering his cheese pizza while watching the now infamous fake gangster movie Angels With Filthy Souls, scaring away the wet bandits and more. Google also released a behind the scenes video showing how they filmed the video, which may actually be the best part. That video shows the new scenes and the old scenes side-by-side, and it's truly impressive how well they nailed it all these years later.

For those who do have Google Assistant, the company has included some fun new features for the holiday season, in keeping with the Home Alone theme. After saying "Hey Google" if one asks, "Did I forget something?" they'll hear the iconic "Kevin!" scream. Users can also ask "How much do I owe you?" or "It's me Snakes. I got the stuff," to recreate a back-and-forth dialogue from Angels With Filthy Souls, "The Wet Bandits are here" to hear Kevin in his most heroic moment, or "I'm the man of the house" to relive the famous aftershave scene.

In addition to this new video, Macaulay Culkin also recently appeared on YouTube channel Cinemassacre in order to review some old Home Alone video games, as well as reviewing Home Alone 4 with Red Letter Media. Much of this has been to promote his new website and podcast, Bunny Ears. Could this be the first few steps in a much larger Culkin comeback? Whether or not that's the case, this is probably the Home Alone revival that many of us have been hoping for. Be sure to check out the new ad from the Google YouTube below, as well as the behind the scenes video.