The wait for new movies forced upon audiences due to the lockdown has brought out the creativity of fans stuck at home and looking for a way to keep themselves engaged. Fan posters have become a popular way for the internet to recycle old movies while speculating about future ones. Recently, a fanmade poster for the third movie in the Spider-Man franchise turns Spidey into Home Alone protagonist Kevin McCallister.

The poster from Punctuation_Art was inspired by Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal's previous statement that the third film in the franchise would feature the word 'Home' in the title, in keeping with the previous two movies. This fact, coupled with the conditions of the current lockdown, prompted the creation of the poster, along the lines of Home Alone.

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In Home Alone, tween Kevin McCallister is left on his own in his house, and must fend off attacks by a couple of burglars with a series of elaborately arranged booby traps. In the fan poster, Kevin is replaced by Spider-Man, who is forced to stay inside his home, either because of the global lockdown, or because he is under house arrest after the previous movie, where Spidey's secret identity was revealed and he was framed for murder.

According to the poster, titled Spider-Man: Home Alone, now the webbed wall-crawler must defend himself while stuck at home. The newspaper he is reading indicates the two thieves attacking the house are the Vulture, Adrian Toomes, and his cohort. The other news article introduces Daredevil aka Matt Murdock as the lawyer for Spider-Man, fighting to prove the innocence of his client.

There is something fitting but also potentially creepy about the idea of Spider-man sitting along in his house, spinning his webs across the property and waiting patiently for the attackers to be lured into his traps. After all, the original Home Alone movie, while ostensibly a kid's film, is often remarked upon for the graphic violence that Kevin perpetrates against the attackers, including setting them on fire, peeling the skin off their bodies, and comical amounts of stabbing.

So if Spider-Man does take the place of Kevin, this might be the most violent incarnation of his MCU avatar to date, while still presenting the appearance of a family-friendly feature.

Of course, it is highly unlikely that the actual movie will be anything like that. Now that Spider-Man works mainly for Sony, his movies can feature a host of characters from his mythology owned by the studio. First on the list is Venom, and then there is Morbius, Black Cat, and Kraven the Hunter.

The Vulture has also made a cameo in the trailer for Morbius's upcoming film, meaning the studio is probably setting up a Sinister Six movie. Then there is the fact that the original Venom movie had a deleted scene featuring Klyntar, the planet used to imprison the god of the symbiotes and cosmic level threat Knull. Things are starting to hot up for Spidey indeed.

Spider-Man: Home Alone Fan Poster