Oh, what a Christmas present Daniel Stern left everybody yesterday! The actor reprised his iconic role as Marv the Wet Bandit from Home Alone. This was in response to Macaulay Culkin's reprisal of his Kevin McCallister character right before the holidays.

Last week, Macaulay Culkin reprised his role as Kevin McCallister from the Home Alone movies for the first episode of Jack Dishel's new web series :DRYVRS. Moldy Peaches guitarist Jack Dishel stars as a musician who uses a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft, with each episode featuring a different guest star, as we see how the passenger and driver interact. The first episode, entitled Just Me In The House By Myself, stars Macaulay Culkin as Kevin, a distraught, long-haired adult who doesn't even know how to drive, but is tasked with taking over his wife's duties as a driver. After Kevin doesn't answer a phone call from his mother, he starts telling his passenger all about how his family left him alone over the Christmas holiday when he was just eight years old.

Daniel Stern starred as Wet Bandit Marv, opposite Joe Pesci's Harry in the blockbuster 1990 John Hughes movie Home Alone, and its 1992 sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. He took it upon himself to create a response video that is quite hilarious. He shows just how terrified he still is of Kevin, and how everything that was extracted upon him has caused him years of psychological pain and suffering.

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This time around, Marv is home alone. And he is terrified for his life. He sits, recalling all the pretty brutal things that Kevin McCallister did to him and his partner. The Wet Bandits took a hit to the face with an iron, and had their feet nailed to the ground. And poor Marv even got electrocuted. It's obvious that Marv got a true ass-kicking from a young kid, and has never been the same since, living for the past 23 years in self-imposed lockdown. We don't learn of Harry's whereabouts, but that man had the McCallister family doorknob burned into the palm of his hand for eternity. And had his head set on fire multiple times. But we don't expect Joe Pesci to deliver a Harry video anytime soon.

Daniel Stern's video was created in conjunction with a Reddit AMA that took place on Christmas Eve. The actor was celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Home Alone. He even offered up what his favorite Kevin trap is in the first two movies.

"They were all a ton of fun. My favorite was having the tarantula crawl on my face. Not only was it really fun and funny to do but it was a personal challenge to overcome my fear of having something that icky and deadly crawling on my face. It was even freakier because I had to do that scream, which meant my mouth was wide open too - and I was afraid the little bastard might take a detour down my throat!"

If Home Alone is one of your classic go-to Christmas favorites, you're surely enjoying this return to the world featuring its two main stars. We have Daniel Stern's video for you to watch here. And we've included the original Macaulay Culkin video as well. Merry Day-After Christmas! And Happy New Year.

B. Alan Orange