One of the most iconic scenes from Home Alone has been looped into an awesome Yule log video featuring Joe Pesci. Why settle for the boring old Yule log loop on the TV when you can watch Pesci's head burn from a torch? It's sure to brighten holiday spirits around the house or apartment instead of using that same old fire place. Kevin McCallister would surely approve of this tribute to one of his greatest booby traps.

The Yule log TV broadcast started back in 1966 on New York City's WPIX and ran until 1989. Fred M. Thrower, president and chief executive officer of WPIX, came up with the idea after watching a Coke commercial where Santa Claus was sitting in front of a fire and he considered it to be a gift to the families who did not have a fireplace. The Yule log loop would usually play for two hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, playing Christmas music and allowing employees at the station a quick break to spend time with their families.

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Since then, the Yule log has morphed into all kinds of different things. In 2015, Nick Offerman created his own version in the style of his character Ron Swanson, from the television series Parks and Recreation. The actor pours a glass of Lagavulin scotch whiskey as the Yule Log fire plays and then he stares at the camera for 45 straight minutes. While that version is pretty good, it's the new Joe Pesci from Home Alone version that is going to be the hit of this holiday season.

Speaking of Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin has been getting in the Christmas spirit lately. The actor appeared on a segment with the Angry Video Game Nerd where they review all of the old crummy Home Alone video games. Culkin also appeared on the Red Letter Media show to watch and review Home Alone 4, which he didn't really enjoy all that much. However, the biggest appearance has to be the Google Assistant commercial where the actor recreates some of the best moments from the iconic holiday movie. After years of staying away from the subject, Culkin seems to be embracing it more lately.

Home Alone is one of the best holiday movies, so it makes sense that some clever YouTuber was able to create the perfect loop of Joe Pesci as Harry getting torched from one of Kevin McCallister's greatest pranks. So get ready for some family time and the new and improved Home Alone Yule log, which should keep you warm for the hour that it lasts. If you need more, just have the entire video loop again while spending quality time with your loved ones. You can check out the video, which contains footage from 20th Century Fox, below.