The Good

Tim Allen, despite becoming annoying in recent years, shows a lot of heart (and promise) here.

The Bad

The only Special Feature offered is a blooper reel?

Home Improvement: The Complete Fourth Season evolves most of the characters on the show while looking at human relationships in an interesting way for a sitcom. With Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) turning 40, his wife Jill (Patricia Richardson) goes back to school and his children experiencing a bevy of growing pains, we are truly seeing a family in flux. However, it's how everyone deals with all these changes that gives this show it's heart behind the laughs. Tim is nervous his wife might grow bored with him. Jill is nervous she might not be able to as effective a mom as she has been. The kids are starting to get older and they no longer want to be around each other all the time.

While not a show that is as groundbreaking as something like All in the Family, Home Improvement: The Complete Fourth Season showed a 20th Century Family in one form or another.


Blooper Reel

While I admit that seeing blooper reels is a lot of fun (and this one is certainly filled with it's fair share of laughs), I think that a blooper reel is usually a supplemental portion to a bunch of extras. With this one being the only one on this three disc DVD set, that just makes this set seem a little light. I know they can't give us the kitchen sink every time out (and lord knows they can certainly go overboard), but this is just very skimpy.


1.33:1 - Aspect Ratio. This show looks decent. I feel bad because I review a lot of TV (mainly sitcoms) and there really isn't much to say about how the shows looked. As Home Improvement isn't that old of a show, I would be surprised if these shows didn't look as good as they do. The lighting is soft, the jokes are quick and, for the most part, everything gets resolved in 30 minutes.


Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. Like the images, the audio on this DVD is fine. I didn't notice any pops in the soundtrack or any points where things got muddy or inaudible. This show is really geared toward Tim Allen and his delivery of jokes, so as long as you're okay with the classical format structure, I think you'll find the sound to be more than passable.


Tim Allen and his TV family grace this front cover with images of wood and power tools surrounding them. The back gives us some pictures from the show, a description of what Home Improvement: The Complete Fourth Season is about and some technical specs. All 3 three discs are housed inside the packaging which features more artwork, and a list of episodes along with descriptions. Overall, I found the way this set was put together to be somewhat bulky but very easy to wade through.

Final Word

While at one time I thought Tim Allen might be on to something in the humor department, I can't help but think he's sort failed as a comedian at this stage of his career. I know he gets paid a lot of money to appear in moronic films like The Shaggy Dog, but doesn't he get tired of repeating himself time after time? As an "artist" doesn't he want to expand a little bit? I am not saying don't make money and I'm certainly not saying don't be successful, I guess I am saying that he seems to have reached a point where he's proved that he's bankable. He can make money doing family films. Why not try and stretch out a bit and possibly make more money doing movies people will remember?

Home Improvement was released .