The Good

The Bad

Either you like Tim Allen or you don’t. I personally think that he can be funny, but I think that situation comedies like Home Improvement - Season 2 are just not the right place for his brand of humor. While watching this show, I always got the impression that he wanted to be might more racier then he was. That there are a lot of things he wanted to say, but he couldn’t say because he was on regular TV. In fact, this show really seemed more like something he felt he had to do, rather then like something he really wanted to do. It seems like he just did this because it was good career move, great exposure and the obvious “next level” that someone in his position would take.

Home Improvement - Season 2 deals with a lot of the things many people go through in real life. Tim’s wife Jill has a problem with his wandering eyes, Tim wants his son to take karate because he is being pushed around (a personal favorite of mine because I actually went through a similar situation) and those moments of competition with the people around us who are our friends and loved ones. I found these episodes to be funny and enjoyable, with just enough seriousness for me to take them seriously. This certainly isn’t the best show I have ever seen, but I did really enjoy what it had to offer for the most part. I just could never really get past my initial assumption that Tim Allen was somehow holding something back. What’s even more strange is that when we watch his movies, it seems like he is just suffering through those. Something tells me he could really juice up his career if he played the role of bad guy. It’s just a thought and it may sound ludicrous but I think he could more then pull it off.


Loose Screws, Part 2 - The Most Hilarious Moments from Season Two

This is just what it says it is. Nothing too great, just the moments that the people who created this DVD felt were the strongest and most funny throughout the season. I enjoyed this, but I sort of think that if one were to watch this before they actually sat down to screen the episodes, they may sort of feel let down when they watch the show. This said, if you are a fan of Tim Allen, if you think he is the funniest thing since sliced bread, then you more likely then not will enjoy this compiled piece of funny scenes.


1.33:1 Full Screen. As I said before, if nothing else, Home Improvement - Season 2, is very comfortable. You can put it on and watch 2-3 episodes and not even know where the time went, simply because of how easily accessible this show is. The DVDs look really good. I noticed very little “video noise” on them, and I think that the way the footage was transferred and compressed looks quite good. The picture is sharp and overall I think that this is another case of “TV on DVD” being helped out by the compression. As this is a sitcom this show is shot and lit in such a way that is the most accessible to as many people as possible. With Home Improvement - Season 2 they weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel or do anything too drastic. Basically, as far as sitcoms go, this 3 disk set gives you everything you could want. Hours and hours of enjoyable TV that for the most part is pretty well done.


Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. I know that I say this a lot, but I think this material has basically made me say it again, this is a simple TV show so the sound design isn’t going to be anything out of the ordinary. Save for the moments when the laughter happens and a character has to wait to deliver his next line, there aren’t really any moments where things happen with the sound in a Coppola-esque way. Nor do I think the people buying this box set expect to put the disks in their player and have a hard time hearing what is being said. I found that on my crummy TV setup, I was able to hear everything just fine. In fact, I really didn’t have to adjust the sound levels on my television set at all. What I think people really gravitate to, as far as sitcoms are concerned, is the rhythms of the characters. The way the jokes are delivered so that we know what is coming, but we don’t always know what is going to be said. Good sound has a major hand in bringing all of this across.


I guess I really can’t complain about the banality of this cover. You have Tim Allen holding a large drill of some sort, with all the gusto that we expect from an American man who works with his hands. Behind them is the Tool Time girl with a wood paneling setup. The back features pictures, a small description of the show and a list of the technical specifications and the other things this 3 disk set offers. I guess to call the packaging for this DVD box set banal might be a little harsh. I mean, we are dealing with a sitcom. We are dealing something that is trying to attract the audience (and go beyond that) that originally watched the show, so I guess you can’t hold it against the show for trying to hedge it’s bets. Who knows, maybe they will do something really racy for Season 3?

Final Word

Home Improvement - Season 2 was a lot better then I thought it was going to be. I really never watched this show just because when it was on, I was so busy doing other things that I basically didn’t watch TV at all. And by that, I mean never. So now getting the chance to revisit it, I think I have stated pretty clearly why this show was successful. Tim Allen has the ability to be really funny and as a result of this we really like him. Actually, we want to like him. Add to this that Home Improvement - Season 2 is a very light, easily accessible show and something that can appeal to both men and women (it actually straddles the issues for both these groups very well), and I think one can understand why this show was as popular as it is.

For Tim Allen, doing a sitcom, I can understand him playing things “close to the vest.” Now, if only he would do something about the roles he plays he in movies...

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