The Good

In its Seventh Season, this show really tried to stretch itself.

The Bad

Are bloopers really to be considered an extra feature?

Home Improvement: The Complete Seventh Season finds the Taylor family at a crossroads. The kids are growing up and Tim (Tim Allen) and his wife Jill (Patricia Richardson) find themselves experiencing some growing pains of their own. Tim no longer seems to be happy with his family life and his work on his Tool Time show. Jill seems to be happy but a listlessness is starting to set in. In the "Quest For Fire" episode we see Tim doing very weird things, and then suddenly declaring that he wants to stop doing Tool Time and work elsewhere. Jill finds herself engaging the flirtations of others in "Jill's Passion." As I mentioned, the kids are getting older so they are naturally not going to be as cute and easy to handle, anymore. There are issues with drugs, religion, growing up and pretty much everything else that young people encounter during adolescence.

People wanting the typical, laugh filled Home Improvement are not going to be disappointed with what this Seventh Season has to offer. However, I think that die hard fans of this show probably appreciated how much it tried to stretch itself beyond merely being a laugh track laden TV show. Also, guest spots by people like Dan Aykroyd and Tom Wopat help add interesting layers to this show.


Blooper Reel

As you can guess, anything involving Tim Allen is going to have a lot of laughs both on set and off. That is certainly the case here as we see people messing up their lines, making jokes, and just generally having a some fun during the day to day shooting of this sitcom. Overall, I found this to be entertaining, I just think that if you're going to release a full season of a show you should at least put on more extras than this.


Full Screen - 1.33:1. I didn't expect Home Improvement: The Complete Seventh Season too look that great, but at the same time I figured things would be solid. That is basically what we get here. There's a lot of colors employed that are easy on the eyes and don't really create any weird patterns on your television screen. I think that this is meant to be the case so that we have an easygoing viewing experience, and don't get too mired in things that might be distractions.


Dolby Digital Stereo Sound. The audio for this release was good. I feel weird trying to go in-depth about it because there's nothing too great that I can say. The people who put this show together know what they are doing and they really aren't trying to reinvent the wheel here. I found that the sound stayed pretty much the same over the course of examining all three discs. So, take that to mean that you won't get "remote control users elbow" trying to make the audio sound uniform.


The Taylor family is front and center on this DVD cover with all of them sitting in a car that apparently has been in some sort of accident. The back cover gives us three images from various episodes on the show, a tiny description and a Bonus Features/Technical Specs listing. All three discs are stored in one amaray case which lists out all the shows, and also features a well written memo from Home Improvement Executive Producer Bruce Ferber.

Final Word

The subject matter of Home Improvement: The Complete Seventh Season was pretty darn interesting. When I was given this season to review I was expecting to laugh a lot and not really have to think. Well, this was and wasn't the case. I laughed a lot and I didn't have to think about the show so much as it made me think about my own life. There was a richness to all the episodes that I really hadn't seen on any of the other season sets that I've reviewed. Also, I know that Tim Allen has his fair share of darkness in his life. He's a recovering addict who continues to battle his demons on a daily basis. This is something that very much seems to be bubbling underneath the surface of who this man is (and I think it shows in some of his performances). It was really enlightening getting to see even a glimmer of that come across on my TV screen.

This isn't to say that Home Improvement: The Complete Seventh Season only focuses on Tim Taylor. His wife and kids have their moments and in showing us that make this a very well rounded DVD set.

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