The Good

It’s refreshing to see Tim Allen doing good work in a medium that is right for him.

The Bad

Only one bonus feature. It would have been nice to see some type of featurette on what Tim Allen is like off camera.

While I must admit that I typically am not a fan of Tim Allen, I rather enjoyed him on Home Improvement - The Complete Third Season. I can’t really pinpoint what it was, perhaps the subject matter of the show or seeing him as a family man did something to me? As I said, I can’t really state why I didn’t mind him so much on this show, but I tend to think that it has a lot to do with my respect for sitcom’s in general. There isn’t anything that special about the show. Allen plays (Tim Taylor) a man who hosts a TV show called “Tool Time” and along with his wife Jill (Patricia Richardson) they set about raising their 3 kids as best as they can. Obviously, there is an allegory on the idea of the man who builds things also trying to raise a family, but for the most part the show is pretty light and entertaining without tackling some of the more deeper issues families face.

My favorite moments are when Tim gets the little pieces of wisdom from his neighbor Wilson (Earl Hindman). This is actually a pretty interesting idea in that Wilson is really never seen. He’s just the neighbor across the fence who offices Tim pieces of advice from time to time. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself watching a sitcom that seemed to be knee deep in it’s stride.


Tim’s Tool Corral

Hosted by Debbe Dunning (in a voice over) we are given tools in a garage to click on. When we do we are treated to Tim messing up with the chosen tool somehow. While this is a somewhat cool interactive extra, it seems like they could have had a little but more in the supplemental’s department for this DVD. Also, how many times can one watch Tim Allen screw up before they get tired of his antics?


1.33:1 - Full Frame. These shows look really sharp. That is something that I have noticed about the sitcoms compressed from the 1990s. Their technology seems like it had advanced quite a great deal since the 1980s. In that decade, I think the shows look good but sometimes the image seems stretched a bit. That isn’t the case here as everything is very solidly contained in the images. The lighting and shot composition is pretty much along the lines of what you might expect, still there is something about the way the episodes on this DVD shined on my screen.


English - Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo. As this is a sitcom, being able to hear the actors is of the utmost importance because the general idea is that you should be laughing most of the time. I found the sound on this show to be very good without me having to turn the volume up on my TV that much. Tim Allen and the cast also have their “sitcom beats” down to the point where you know that they are going to make a joke, yet you still find yourself laughing anyway.


This 3 disc set is housed in a digipack with a cardboard slipcover. The cover features a shot of Allen with a smile on his face after he has presumably knocked a hole through the wall of his home. His kids are also on display as well and one gets the sense that if this picture continued, we would see him ask his kids to not to tell their mom. The back features some more shots from the show, a description, a “Bonus Features” listing and of course the requisite technical specs for whatever type of system you have. On the whole, this 3 disc set is adequately packaged and it should make collectors of the show happy.

Final Word

I am wondering how I never got into this show? Actually, I am really wondering how I essentially let the whole decade of 1990s TV just pass me by. It wasn’t always like this. I was a pretty devout

Beverly Hills 90210 fan until about 1992. Then I started college and got busy and I really didn’t start watching TV with any regularity until a few years ago. It’s a shame too because Home Improvement isn’t a bad show. Sure it’s light and maybe doesn’t have the greatest writing in the world, but there is something comforting about 611 minutes of a TV show.

And when you realize that after that, aside from Home Improvement - The Complete Third Season, there’s still 5 more seasons to go, things suddenly become a whole lot more comfortable indeed.

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