Winona Ryder has joined the cast of Homefront for Millennium Entertainment and director Gary Fleder.

Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay, although it isn't known if he plans on starring as well. The story centers on an ex-DEA agent (Jason Statham), who moves to a small town in search of some peace. His quiet new life doesn't last for long, when he clashes with a nefarious meth dealer named Gator (James Franco). Winona Ryder will play a former biker who is associated with Gator. Child actor Izabela Vidovic is also on board as the DEA agent's daughter.

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The script is adapted from a novel by Chuck Logan. Sylvester Stallone will produce alongside Kevin King Templeton and René Besson, with Avi Lerner and Trevor Short executive producing.

Production is scheduled to begin September 24 in New Orleans.