It's Homer Simpson's birthday and fans of The Simpsons are celebrating the occasion on social media. In a classic episode of the animated sitcom that originally aired in the mid-90s, Homer's driver's license can be seen featuring his actual birthdate: May 12, 1956. Because the Simpson family never actually ages, Homer will forever be a 38-year-old, but if Homer had aged normally since his established birthdate, he would now be 65 years old.

Leading the charge in wishing Homer Simpson birthday wishes on what should be his 65th birthday is actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. On Twitter, Gordon-Levitt posted a tweet wishing Homer a happy birthday along with a screenshot of his driver's license. Thousands of fans have liked and retweeted the image.

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Fans of The Simpsons are getting in on the fun. Referencing another scene where a teenage Homer buys beer using a fake ID with the name Brian McGee, one fan asks: "I thought his name was Brian McGee?"

"Since today is Homer Simpson's birthday, here is an appreciation tweet of animation's greatest father," says someone else, adding several photos of Homer's greatest moments.

Confused by Homer permanently staying at 38 despite the series debuting in 1989, another fan writes: "I thought he was older, given he's said to be 38. The series started in 1989 and in Tracy Ullman Show 1987. Thus he would have to be closer to 70 by now - if the characters would age."

Because many fans remember how The Simpsons established that Homer shared a birthday with Santa's Little Helper, some fans are also celebrating the Simpson family dog. One posted a clip of Homer and Santa's Little Helper both with their heads hanging out of their car windows. "Happy Birthday to the man & man's best friend, Homer & Santa's Little Helper!" the fan wrote.

"He definitely doesn't hold a record for the world's best dad, but happy birthday to Homer Simpson!" Guinness World Records tweets. "The fictional character turns 65 today, according to his driving license."

And the official Twitter account for The Simpsons posted an image of Bart and Homer with the caption reading: "If Homer had a dollar for every year he's aged, he'd have a dollar! Happy Birthday, big guy."

Since The Tracey Ullman Show, Homer has been voiced by Dan Castellaneta, and the character by far has one of the most unique voices ever heard on television. For decades, his various phrases and most memorable quips have been quoted by fans all across the world, and many are doing that today in honor of Homer's birthday. There's nothing for him to d'oh about anytime soon either, as Fox has renewed the show through season 34, keeping it on the air until at least 2023.

However Homer is choosing to celebrate turning 38 once again in Springfield, we can presume that there is lots of cake involved. Whether he's 38, 65, or just simply ageless, let us also join the rest of The Simpsons fans in wishing Homer Simpson a happy birthday! You can see plenty more tribute posts to Homer on Twitter.