300 producer Mark Canton is teaming up with Pterodactyl Productioins to bring two classic stories back to life. According to Variety, Canton is reviving the classic tale of Bill "Hopalong" Cassidy for a new film version.

The character was created in 1904 by Clarence E. Mulford, which appeared in several stories and novels before hitting the cinemas in 1935. William Boyd portrayed Cassidy in 66 films that spanned through the 30s, 40s and 50s. The character spawned a number of spin-offs into comic books and radio programs and became the first Western TV series in history. Cassidy was also the first character to ever appear on a lunchbox.

"These stories tend to come around again," said Canton. "We're looking to ring in the modern age with a branded, well-loved hero that we approach in a fresh way," Canton added.

Canton and Pterodactyl will also bring back the true story that inspired The French Connection with Honor For Sale, which was written by the late John Bishop and is based on the book by Gerald Kelly. The story revolved around a group of New York City narcotics detectives who ran the largest narcotics drug ring in the 70s, which served as the inspiration for The French Connection and also last year's American Gangster.

No production schedule was released for either film.