Walt Disney Pictures has parted ways with its comic book adaptation Horizons, which was previously known as Oblivion.

Just a few weeks ago, we reported that screenwriter Karl Gajdusek had come on board to rewrite the project. Disney first acquired the graphic novel entitled Oblivion back in October, with Joseph Kosinski set to direct from a script by William Monahan (The Departed). Now the project is free to be shopped around to other studios and financiers.

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The story is set in a future where the human race lives above the Earth, among the clouds, after radiation made the planet unliveable. A repairman named Jak, one of the few humans on the desolate planet, disovers a mysterious female who crash-landed on Earth, which sets off a chain of events that causes him to question everything he knows.

Joseph Kosinski, who also co-created the graphic novel, is also attached as a producer alongside Radical Publishing's Barry Levine. Random House will publish the 128-page graphic novel in July.