Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), Nick (Jason Bateman) and Dale (Charlie Day) have a whole kidnapping scheme worked out, masterminded by the elusive Mother F*cker Jones in a series of 7 all-new clips from Horrible Bosses 2.

Looking to work for themselves so they never have to deal with another horrible boss again, the guys invent the Shower Buddy. But they need an investor to get their idea off the ground. Too bad for them, they must succumb to their old criminal past when they discover their supposed business partner has double-crossed them.

These latest clips delve into the dark underbelly of this pitch black comedy, as the gang lays bare their true intentions in holding a prisoner for ransom. Watch as Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine set the story in motion by canceling the gang's Shower Buddy order right before their big shipment is set to sail. Jamie Foxx makes a deal for part ownership in the guys' burgeoning company. Charlie Day makes a supply run before the big kidnapping. The guys run into some trouble with a dry erase board. Later on, Chris Pine decides he wants to get in on the kidnapping plans too, helping the guys out by pretending to be held captive. And finally, we see the entire plan come together in a hotel room where...Well...why don't you just watch: