WaterTower Music will release "Horrible Bosses: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" at all digital retailers on July 5, 2011. This audio companion to New Line Cinema's irreverent comedy "Horrible Bosses" will offer a unique and exciting musical experience to the listener.

Grammy Award Winner and Emmy Award nominated composer Christopher Lennertz (Ozomatli, Supernatural, Lemonade Mouth DVD) has assembled an all-star collection of artists to collaborate on the soundtrack. Bringing together Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Stefan Lessard of Dave Matthews Band, and Money Mark - a long time Beastie Boys collaborator - to join forces and record with musicians Matt Chamberlain, David Levita, Aaron Kaplan, Victor Indrizzo, Chris Chaney, and Davey Chegwidden, Christopher Lennertz has created a wildly funky musical journey to the film.

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"I was pretty stoked when Christopher asked me to play guitar on some of these tracks and to collaborate and brainstorm with all these amazing players." says Mike McCready of the project. Adds Stefan Lessard, "Chris has such a wonderful vibe. It was a pleasure to work on this film and with all these guys and I had a lot of fun throwing down these bass lines."

Check out the hilarious track listing here:

  • 1. Motel Meet Up (feat. Mike McCready & Money Mark)
  • 2. Total F***ing A*****e
  • 3. Heart Attack (feat. Mike McCready & Money Mark)
  • 4. Whose Promotion?
  • 5. F**ker (feat. Mike McCready, Money Mark, & Chris Chaney)
  • 6. Hey Dickwad...What The F**k (feat. Money Mark & David Levita)
  • 7. Can You See My P****?
  • 8. Let's Kill This Bitch (feat. Mike McCready, Money Mark, & Chris Chaney)
  • 9. Gimme That Dong Dale (feat. Stefan Lessard, Money Mark, & Matt Chamberlain)
  • 10. Wet Work
  • 11. Men Seeking A Man
  • 12. Mother F**ker Jones (feat. Money Mark, Victor Indrizzo, & Chris Chaney)
  • 13. Douchebag Museum
  • 14. Crazy Bitch W***e (feat. Stefan Lessard, Money Mark, & Matt Chamberlain)
  • 15. Coke In A Dustbuster (feat. Stefan Lessard, Money Mark, & Matt Chamberlain)
  • 16. Four Honks
  • 17. These People F**king Love Cats (feat. Money Mark, & Dave Levita)
  • 18. P***s...Peanuts (feat. Mike McCready, Money Mark, & Victor Indrizzo)
  • 19. Raped In Prison (feat. Money Mark)
  • 20. Harkin Finds The Phone
  • 21. We Got The Cheese (feat. Mike McCready, Money Mark, & Chris Chaney)
  • 22. P***s Shaped Food (feat. Stefan Lessard, Money Mark, & Matt Chamberlain)
  • 23. Ipso Facto (feat. Stefan Lessard & Davey Chedwiggen)
  • 24. Blackmailing Harkin (feat. Stefan Lessard, Money Mark, & Aaron Kaplan)
  • 25. Car Chase...Dancing On Boobies (feat. Mike McCready, Money Mark, & Chris Chaney)
  • 26. Confessing To Gregory (feat. Cheapshot & Aaron Kaplan)
  • 27. Harkin Goes Down...I F**ked Your Wife (feat. Mike McCready & Aaron Kaplan)
  • 28. Oh F**k (feat. Money Mark & Chris Chaney)
  • 29. P*****g In A Playground (feat. Chris Chaney, Money Mark, & Victor Indrizzo)
  • 30. Tour Of The Mouth (feat. Money Mark, Victor Indrizzo, & Dave Levita)
  • 31. Your Balls Are So Smooth (feat. Money Mark, Victor Indrizzo, & Dave Levita)
  • 32. Murdering Some Ass (feat. Mike McCready, Money Mark, & Chris Chaney)
  • 33. This Is How I Roll performed by Money Mark

In the new comedy "Horrible Bosses," Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis star as three hapless workers who realize that the only way to make their daily grind more tolerable would be to grind their intolerable bosses into dust. Quitting is not an option so, with the benefit of a few-too-many drinks and the dubious advice of a hustling ex-con, the three friends devise a convoluted and seemingly foolproof plan to rid themselves of their respective employers...permanently. But, even the best-laid plans are only as foolproof as the brains behind them, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell and two-time Oscar® winner Kevin Spacey star as the unbearable bosses and Oscar® winner Jamie Foxx stars as the plotters' unlikely mentor.