Is Joel Soisson the new Sean S. Cunningham?

In an interview with MovieHole, the producer of such films as Feast, The Prophecy 3, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and the 1980s horror/rock opus Trick or Treat, sat down to discuss possible sequels to those aforementioned films.

What's going on with the Feast sequels?

Joel Soisson: We're in the early stages of figuring out the Feast sequels. I think there will be a lot of beer consumed before the origin issue is finally settled.

Will original Feast director John Gulager be involved?

Joel Soisson: We're just now trying to figure all that out. Hopefully with John at the helm. This time around, he'll be a fully-mature director. Which means that, like a grown-up chimp, it will take 10 strong men (or 20 producers) to handle him.

Can we expect more Prophecy films?

Joel Soisson: My dream is to hook back up with my friend Greg Widen (writer and director of the first Prophecy) and remake the original for the budget it should have had. We tried to tell the story of a second war in Heaven for a few million bucks. That wasn't a war. At best, it was a skirmish.

Are there any chances for any more films in the Bill & Ted franchise?

Joel Soisson:Bill & Ted is the only movie I have been a part of that I would be reluctant to sequelize further. It has been rehashed by so many movies during the past two decades, from Wayne's World on down, that it would probably feel terribly tired and unoriginal. Then again, maybe it's just me that feels terribly tired and unoriginal.

Do you ever think about remaking 1980s horror/rock classic Trick or Treat?

Joel Soisson: That's twice in two days somebody's hit me with that idea. And I thought it was ancient history. Then again, that's when it's probably time for a remake. I guess high school alienation never goes out of style. Little fun fact. The guy who plays Eddie's nebbish friend is Glen Morgan who wrote Final Destination with Jim Wong, both friends of mine.

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