Someone is making a killing in the fictional town of Normal, California.

In a new dark comedy and feature film Normal, California, Horror/SciFi author Lia Scott Price will star in the lead role as a struggling housewife whose drug-addicted husband loses his job, forcing her to start a home business as a freelance serial killer-for-hire.

Price will also be directing the film, currently in production in Los Angeles, CA.

"This is my first feature film that's not based on any of my novels," says Price, the author of Serial Killer novels in the horror/scifi genre and who produces film versions of her novels. "It's also my first dark comedy, so it will be an interesting and refreshing experience. The original concept for the film was so dark and twisted that it still fits within all the warped stuff that I normally write about."

Price is known mainly for her strange and controversial serial killer and vampire characters, 'Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels'. Her previous feature films were Lia Scott Price's 'Dominion' and Lia Scott Price's 'The Guardian (2006)'. More information on Price's serial killer characters, films and novels can be found at

Normal, California is produced by Lia Scott Price Productions Inc. and will be distributed by DarkAngel Distributors.

The film also stars Miles Eastham and Wendell Nelson. Executive Producers: William Verkler and Lia Scott Price. Directed by Lia Scott Price. Director of Photography: Mike Naz. Composer: William Verkler. Original Story and Screenplay by Lia Scott Price.