Emmanuelle Chriqui finds the perfect role as a reformed hooker who goes the AirBNB route only to find herself in a lot of trouble in this winter's Hospitality. The first trailer and poster have arrived. It's not the holiday thriller you wanted, but perhaps it's the yuletide chiller you need.

Nick Chakwin and David Guglielmo have teamed up on Hospitality, making it the first feature film from the duo who both wrote and directed this edge-of-your-seat drama. The story follows a former prostitute whose worst days are behind her, or so it would seem. Soon Emmanuelle Chriqui, a fan-favorite from HBO's hit series Entourage, finds herself in a brutal fight for survival as she comes underwire from a crooked cop and a nasty thug both looking for the same thing.

Joining Emmanuelle Chriqui on-screen is cult favorite Jim Beaver, perhaps best known as Bobby on Supernatural, or for his role in Deadwood and countless other movies and TV shows. The guy has literally been in everything at this point. And now he gets to go hooker hunting. Teen Wolf star JR Bourne is also along for the ride, along with Connor McViker from HBO's Vice Principals. So if you've been missing some of your home box office favorites lately, this might turn the trick.

Hospitality is coming to select theaters on December 7. It will get a simultaneous release on VOD at that time, so you can stay in bed, or lounge off the couch when catching up on the latest exploits of Emmanuelle Chriqui. It might be for the best, because people in theaters don't want to hear you whispering that name over and over again just so you can amuse yourself.

Hospitality is the first film slated to be released by Kandoo Films' new distribution arm, Kandoo Releasing, under the leadership of Oscar-winning producer Howard Barish (13TH). So you know it's a little something special, and will make the holidays go by just that much quicker.

Nick Chakwin & David Guglielmo are directing from their own original script, with Howard Barish and Kandoo Films serving as producers. Sam Trammell rounds out the VOD worthy cast, and the thriller is not rated, which means we could see any and all kinds of depravity when this thing hits screens. It runs at exactly 80 minutes and 31 seconds to the dot. So you won't be wasting much of your time if it turns out to be downright awful. Here is the official synopsis.

Former prostitute Donna (Emmanuelle Chriqui, Entourage) turned her brothel into a legitimate bed and breakfast, following the birth of her cognitively deficit son Jimmy (Conner McVicker, Vice Principals). Trouble comes knocking when ex-con Cam (Sam Trammell, True Blood) arrives to collect what he's been hiding there for the past two decades. As it turns out, he's not the only one looking for it. In a brutal fight for survival, Donna must protect Jimmy and her home from a crooked cop (JR Bourne, Teen Wolf) and a thug (Jim Beaver, Supernatural).

Strap in and check out the first trailer for Hospitality. Will it turn Emmanuelle Chriqui into the marquee name she's destined to be? Ah, probably not. But we're really rooting for her. This is definitely the kind of Bed and Breakfast we want to wind up at during the holidays. Kandoo Films is directly responsible for unleashing this trailer on everyone.

Hospitality poster