While looking for a pair of cheap sunglasses and a velour leisure suit down in Santee Alley, I ran across a man in the middle of the street selling a pile of Hostel: Part II DVDs.

I asked him how it was already on bootleg, and we got in a small argument about the film's release date. After a fifteen-minute squabble, I purchased the disc for five dollars. The back of the case had the description for the first Hostel film. I thought I might have been hornswoggled.

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Upon home inspection of the DVD, all I can say is that the studio rep who's name is watermarked on the video is going to be in a lot of trouble. (Update: According to the LA Times, the Lionsgate Employee has not been acused of any wrong doing.)

The flawless studio quality version contained on the five dollar disc is indeed Hostel: Part II. The words "AK-Bigel Entertainment Property of Screen Gems" obscure the lower portion of the screen, but other than that it is of superior quality.

This is a real shame, and could possibly hurt Hostel: Part II's opening weekend numbers. This is Lionsgate's tentpole film of the summer.

Even though I have the DVD, I will probably destroy it and watch the film at a theater. Most likely the Drive-in. Or, maybe I'll take the disc to Eli Roth when I meet him at the junket.

Hostel: Part II opens on June 8th.