A 17 second teaser clip has been released by the Hotel Transylvania 4 team as they prepare to release the trailer for the 4th installment in the series. The latest production, titled; Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, will continue to follow the story of Adam Sandler's, Dracula character. We watched the teaser trailer on repeat to give you all of the hidden details we could find leading up to the release.

So how many details can be pick apart from the 17-second Hotel Transylvania 4 clip? Well let's start with the obvious ones. The franchise's three main characters all have speaking roles in the short clip. Sandler's Dracula is the first one to speak, with his patented goofy voice questioning, "hello?" as he opens a door. In a movie that features "the invisible man", David Spade's character might have just appeared on screen right in front of us at this time, however; this was probably not likely the case.

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The film's most engaging star appears next, with Andy Samberg reprising his role as the lovable son-in-law of Dracula, Johnny. Johnny is sitting in a chair while hopping towards Drac, saying how he "can't believe it," and that he "could explode into a thousand little excited bits". The chair that he is jumping on actually disintegrates and breaks into hundreds (perhaps thousands) of pieces. The location of this scene clearly occurs backstage at a theatre of some sorts. The curtain is down, stage props are out, and there is a movie poster of some sort on the wall

The big takeaway from that scene? If you watch super closely when Johnny enters the frame, Dracula is holding a large key, and looks VERY caught of guard, surprised, even caught in the act when Johnny comes. Dracula also hides the key when Johnny gets close. Of course, Johnny doesn't see this in all of his excitement. So what is the purpose of the key that Dracula was holding? Time will tell.

Finally, the third franchise character makes an appearance at the half-way point of the video. Selena Gomez is back to reprise her role as Mavis, Dracula's daughter and Johnny's wife. She is facing into the camera, talking with Dracula saying, "you have no idea." There is a row of monsters behind her, apparently all clapping. This leads to believe that this scene takes place at the same theatre or show that was mentioned above.

"Here it comes" is the other line that Mavis gets, and this one happens as she is sitting next to Johnny as they are sitting at a table at what looks like a reception or banquet of sorts. There are multiple monsters in the background, a few of whom we have seen before in previous installments of the franchise, and Johnny is covering his face, evidently trying to hide his terror from one reason or another. There are 2 key things to notice about this scene. It is crystal clear that Johnny is hiding something from Mavis. Mavis is so excited for something, and Johnny is covering his face, either embarrassed or terrified of what Mavis' reaction will be.

The piece of the puzzle that REALLY stood out, was Johnny's very noticeable wedding ring. It is in plain view. There's a theory that the movie will focus somewhat on the hardships that follow Johnny after he lets Mavis down.

What did you notice from the teaser?