With The Hunger Games opening in practically every theater today, we have a first look at star Jennifer Lawrence's next movie, the horror-thriller House at the End of the Street, which opens in theaters September 26. Jennifer Lawrence plays a young woman who moves into a new neighborhood with her mother (Elisabeth Shue). They discover that the house next door was the site of a grisly murder, and that the reclusive young man (Max Thieriot) whose family was murdered, still lives inside. Take a look at this first-look photo of Jennifer Lawrence from House at the End of the Street, and read on for more information on this thriller.

House at the End of the Street Jennifer Lawrence Photo

Director Mark Tonderai gave a little more insight on the above photo, saying that Jennifer Lawrence's character has made a surprising discovery.

"She's basically managed to get into Max's house, waiting for his character, and she's made a discovery there about his family and is trying to hide before her presence is detected."

The director also shed some light about the murder which lies at the heart of House at the End of the Street.

"Since he lives in this house and is driving down people's home values, he's very ostracized in this town. The murder was committed by his sister, and she disappeared into the woods. There's this rumor she still lives in the woods. People have seen her, and she's insane. But is she out in the woods? And if she is, how does she feel about her brother getting involved with somebody else?"