House of Cards Season 3 ended with on a bittersweet note for Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), who was named as the Democratic party's nominee for the 2016 election, but the final moments showed that his longtime wife Claire (Robin Wright) is leaving him, right in the middle of the campaign, following a violent fight the previous evening. Will The First Lady come back and stand by her man as the Presidential campaign heats up? That doesn't seem likely, as teased in the new trailer for Season 4 of House of Cards, which debuts Friday, March 4 on Netflix.

The trailer features Frank Underwood arguing with his estranged wife Claire, teasing that their relationship is more contentious than ever. We also get our first glimpse at a few new characters, played by Joel Kinnaman, who appears to be a new adversary for Frank, along with Neve Campbell and Ellen Burstyn, although no details have been given for their characters thus far. Other returning cast members include Molly Parker as Jackie Sharp, Mahershala Ali as Remy Denton and Lars Mikkelsen as Russian president Viktor Petrov.

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Last month, Netflix announced that House of Cards was renewed for a fifth season, but there will be one huge change. Series creator and showrunner Beau Willimon will be leaving the show, although the streaming service hasn't found a new showrunner quite yet. There were reports that Beau Willimon didn't exactly leave on his own terms, and that there have been rumors of issues with the production that have been traced back to him. David Fincher, Joshua Donen, Eric Roth, Dana Brunetti, Andrew Davies and Michael Dobbs are still on board as executive producers.

House of Cards Season 4 will return for another 13 episode run on March 4. This trailer couldn't have arrived at a better time, with the 2016 campaign trail truly heating up in real world America. Frank Underwood's return was announced during a recent GOP primary debate on CNN. Over the last few months, Netflix has also rolled out a number of promos that teased Underwood's campaign strategy, including the release of a viral website

The sly, murderous Underwood seemed to have lost his evil edge in House of Cards Season 3. He just hasn't shoved anyone in front of a moving train or staged a suicide lately. This latest trailer teases that Frank Underwood may be more conniving and sinister than ever as the Presidential race heats up this season. While we wait for the premiere date to arrive in just a few weeks, check out the latest trailer, and stay tuned for more footage and updates as we get closer and closer to the season premiere.