It's a new day in America. Vote for Frank Underwood in 2016! That's the message behind the first House of Cards teaser trailer for all-new upcoming episodes. This Netflix video has Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) hitting the campaign trail for his 2016 Presidential re-election. It arrives with an 'F.U. in 2016' poster and a new viral website, which you can check out here. Frank also delivers his words of hope for America.

"PROGRESS. FORWARD MOMENTUM. GETTING THINGS DONE. These are my mottos. I have no patience for useless things - like political gridlock and stagnation. And neither should you. Join me. Let's roll up our sleeves together. Let's plow through the stubborn and small-minded and send Washington a message loud and clear. F.U. 2016. President of the United States of America."
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House of Cards Season 4 will return for another 13 episode run on March 4. This trailer couldn't have arrived at a better time, with the 2016 campaign trail truly heating up in real world America. Frank Underwood's return was announced last night during the GOP primary debate on CNN. And though it's fake, some folks are probably wishing it were real.

The sly, murderous Underwood seemed to have lost his evil edge in House of Cards Season 3. He just hasn't shoved anyone in front of a moving train or staged a suicide lately. This latest trailer teases that it is all coming back, as he slams his notepad shut, promising a brighter, better tomorrow. As Kevin Spacey looks directly into the camera with that cold stare, we can only assume that the old Frank will return, and he'll be more devilish than ever.

Sadly, there's no Claire in sight. But perhaps that's for the better. Let the games begin, this first sneak peek is screaming. And with the Presidential campaign coming to it's fevered crescendo, we're sure the 'fake' Frank Underwood will lead in the polls. He was more popular during House of Cards Season 3 than Barack Obama. While this teaser promises sunnier, happier times, we all know that Francis is at his best during the darkest of times. Check out the first trailer and poster. And Vote F.U. in 2016!

House of Cards Season 4 Poster