Audio Interviews with Paris Hilton, Elisha Cuthbert, Jared Padalecki, Chad Micheal Murray, Joel Silver, and Chad & Carey Hayes from the House of Wax press junket!

Paulington visits the HOUSE OF WAX and returns with compelling audio evidence!

For years now, Dark Castle as been pumping out B grade horror flicks in the spirit of its name sake William Castle. The production value of these quaint enterprises has been susceptible, but their fun factor is undeniable. Producers Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis have managed to capture great American Gothic on the cheap. And in the process, they've been able to snag some of Hollywood's most sought after starlets. HOUSE OF WAX is no exception to the rule. The film features socialite-cum-celebrity Paris Hilton and everyone's favorite girl next door Elisha Cuthbert, along with their male counterparts Chad Michael Murray and Jared Padalecki (both formatively part of popular WB shows).

Each successive Dark Castle film turns out to be more entertaining than the last, and this new one excels at kicking up the thrills. It has a wax-dripping conclusion that beats just about anything "scene" this year in the dregs of the so-called horror genre. Joel Silver's idea of revisiting classic scares has suddenly taken on a lot of competitors, but with HOUSE OF WAX, he proves that his company is still the first and best when it comes to Hollywood Spook Shows of Old. When they're not producing something original (which no one else has the balls to do right now), they're actually re-conceptualizing a trademark that deserves and needs a modern twist. Not an untouchable brand name that will have fans in an uproar. Bravo, Joel and Robert!

Warner Brothers recently invited Movieweb to attend the junket for HOUSE OF WAX. Here are the full audio interviews from those roundtables.

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