House of Wax: According to Variety, a House of Wax soundstage caught on fire where they were shooting Saturday night at the Warner Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast.

Three sets and some camera and sound equipment was burnt, but there were no injuries among the 50 or so members of cast and crew.

Remake of the 1953 classic, produced by Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis and Susan Levin, was seven weeks into its 11-week shoot for Warner Bros./Village Roadshow Pictures.

Local press reports quoted a fire investigator as saying the blaze started when molten wax figures came into contact with a gas burner, despite precautions that included safety pits filled with water under the stage to catch the wax.

"We were filming a burning sequence, which got out of hand despite the safety precautions and having firemen on the site," a spokeswoman for the production said Monday. She added she expects filming would resume midweek after gear that was destroyed is replaced.