Eminem will probably want to sit out How High 2, now that the long anticipated sequel has cast mumble rapper Lil Yachty in the lead role. Though, musician-turned-actor Yachty doesn't consider himself a mumble rapper (or even a rapper at all), a lot of other artists do. Let's hope he can keep his dialogue clean as he begins shooting this long-anticipated sequel to the 2001 cult comedy hit, which original starred iconic hip-hop artists Redman and Method Man.

It's been 17 years since the original How High graced silver screens. And it's been ten years that Universal Pictures and MTV have tried to get this sequel off the ground. It's been stuck in development Hell for nearly a decade. But after numerous rewrites, How High 2 is getting lit. The comedy is now in production, and a teaser video has arrived with Lil Yachty introducing himself as the main man in this farce.

How High 2 follows to young "potrepreneurs" as they go on a magical hash-laced adventure, trying to fund their on-demand munchies delivery service start-up. Lil Yachty will star as our hero Roger, the younger brother of one of the main guys from the first movie. Though it isn't yet known if he's under Redman or Method Man's wing. Said Glenn Ross, General Manager and Executive Vice President, Universal 1440 Entertainment.

"We are excited to work with the talented team at MTV to breathe new life into the How High franchise. This present-day telling will bring newcomers into the world of How High as well as provide the same priceless antics fans of the original will expect."

The original How High had a pretty morbid concept. A weed dealer and his slacker buddy smoke the ashes of their dead friend, and head off to Harvard, where the ghost of the dude they inhaled gives them all the answers to every test. The comedy was reviewed negatively by critics almost across the board. But it was a modest hit at the box office, and went onto achieve cult movie infamy. It now sits on many best stoner film lists.

Redman announced that a sequel was moving forward in 2008, but Universal wouldn't give up the rights to the title and characters. Method Man announced in 2013 that the sequel probably wouldn't happen. It wasn't until last year that a script was finally completed, nearly a decade later. Method Man claimed the story needed a rewrite, and that neither him nor Redman would come back if they deemed the script unfunny.

So far, there is no mention that either Method Man or Redman are returning in any capacity, so that doesn't speak well of the script. How High 2 isn't getting a theatrical release. Coming from Universal's home video department, with MTV co-producing the movie, it will make its big debut on the cable network sometime in 2019.

The film marks the acting debut of Lil Yachty in a feature length film. He did lend his voice to Green Lantern in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies.

How High 2 is written by Alex Blagg (Workaholics), Neel Shah (Powerless), Shawn Ries (Family Guy) and Artie Johann (Big Mouth) The comedy sequel is directed by Bruce Leddy (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver). Kevin "Coach K" Lee, Pierre "Pee" Thomas and Lil Yachty from Quality Control serve as Executive Producer, along with Brian Sher, with Shauna Garr returning as a producer alongside Mike Elliott (Halloween II). Josh Vodnoy, Morgana Rosenberg and Jason Goldberg serve as Executive Producers for MTV. This news first appeared at Variety.