Dear President-Elect Obama,

First and foremost, congratulations on winning this historic election. I'm sure you've been getting that a lot lately, though, and we don't want to take up too much of your time, but we did hear that you're trying to decide what kind of dog to get for the White House. Choosing the right pet is an important decision and one that you'll have to live with for many years. We know you have a lot on your plate, getting ready to run the country and all, so we decided to offer a solution for your little pet problem so you can move on to other things. In short, we're suggesting that you take in the adorable Marley, from the upcoming Christmas Day film, Marley & Me. Why should you pick this pooch? Well, for one, look at him.

Marley and Me

Adorable, yes? Seriously, how could you say no to that face? Just picture this adorable little pooch frolicking through the West Lawn at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I bet people would even be crowded on the sidewalk just for a look at Labrador retreiver pooch. And think of the all the fun that Maila Ann and Sasha will have with Marley while dad is hard at work as our nation's new leader.

Still not convinced? Well just take a look at our exclusive clip from the film, where Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston first lay their eyes on Marley and adopt him.

To sum up, we believe that Marley is a perfect choice for the Obama's first White House dog. This precocious little dog would surely be a welcomed addition into any home and especially the White House.


P.S. Marley & Me opens in theaters nationwide on December 25.