Infinity War is a massive movie in scope from the storyline all the way to the inclusion of so many Marvel Cinematic Universe characters all in one place. With that being said, not everything was explained on the big screen, which is where the Russo Brothers commentary comes into play. The highly informative commentary track was released earlier this week on the digital version of the film and it has been educating fans, explaining how Thanos murdered Drax the Destroyer's family.

Drax reveals in Guardians of the Galaxy that the Mad Titan is the one responsible for the murder of his family, which is brought up again in Infinity War when he, Gamora, Star-Lord, and Mantis head to Knowhere. Ronan the Accuser is the one who carried out the deed, fueling Drax's hunger for revenge. In the first Guardians movie, Drax holds a knife to Gamora's throat and tells the tale, ending it by revealing that Ronan laughed after he had killed Hovat and Kamaria. By the end of the film, Drax comes to realize that Ronan was under the control of Thanos, which is where he shifts his target of revenge.

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In the commentary track for Infinity War, the Russo Brothers talk about the Knowhere scene where Drax is attempting to sneak up on Thanos to seek his revenge. In the end, it was all a trap so that Thanos could kidnap Gamora, but it held another meaning for Drax. One of the directors reveals that the scene goes deeper for Drax and calls back to how Drax's family were slaughtered. The director explains.

"This is a callback to Drax's history with Thanos here... His planet was treated the same way as Gamora's planet. Drax was put on one side, his family was put on the other."

Infinity War shows Gamora being separated from her family as Thanos conducts his mission to save the universe by killing half of the population, which is exactly what happened to Drax and his family. But, the big reveal does leave a few plot holes. Why wasn't half of Drax's home planet wiped out? If the Mad Titan was systematically going from planet to planet for a decade, wouldn't someone catch on to his plan? It will be interesting to see how Ronan the Accuser is portrayed in the upcoming Captain Marvel to see if Marvel Studios will keep the malevolent leader of genocide aspect intact.

One fact that does not change from Infinity War is the strong bond that the Guardians of the Galaxy share. The misfit crew have all had their fair share of heartbreak and injustice, making them even stronger together. As it stands, Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 are going to have some explaining to do, if continuity is to be taken into account for. For now, we'll have to wait and see where Marvel Studios decides to take audiences to finish out Phase 3. Marvel Studio Infinity War is currently available to purchase digitally and will be available on Blu-ray on August 14th.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick